This might be a little unorthodox, but I’d like to take a moment to personally introduce myself. I’m Stacy. I’ve been with Playwire for a little over two years now as a full-time employee and for a year as a consultant before that.

As I step into the role of COO here at Playwire, I want to share a bit about where we are heading and why.

Sometimes the easiest and best way to understand where a company is headed is simply a human-to-human conversation. So let’s have one now.

What’s at the Heart of Playwire?

What originally drew me to Playwire, and what remains the most important component of the company, is a passionate, singular focus on doing what is best for the publisher.

When the vast majority of the ad tech world favors the needs of the advertiser, we build technology that serves the publisher.

We serve independent publishers because we believe that passionate entrepreneurs deserve just as much of the ad revenue pie as the “big guys.”

It’s what gets me, and everyone else who works at this company, out of bed each day.

It’s what has fueled our success for the last 15 years.

And while absolutely nothing about that singular, steadfast focus is changing, what is changing is the market of publishers who will be able to take advantage of it.

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A Brief History of Playwire

Playwire started over 15 years ago, serving gaming publishers. We built a tech-forward engine and a service culture that changed the way publishers in the gaming industry could monetize their digital properties.

We enlisted a heavy-hitting direct sales team and created relationships with the foremost gaming advertisers in the market. All that work paid off: we watched our publishers sustain, grow, and thrive in their businesses.

On the shoulders of these successes, we set our sights on new publisher verticals we could serve. We have systematically expanded our offerings to better serve more and more verticals, including kids-focused sites, entertainment, news, editorial, and more.

What’s remained tried and true through our growth is a focus on creating the most effective, high-performing engine we could. We’ve added technical components under the hood, including a data management platform, video player, email hashing technology, and more.

We are craftspeople who have painstakingly built an incredibly powerful spaceship. But we never stopped being entrepreneurs and visionaries as well. Which leads me to where we are going.

Exploring New Frontiers

Spaceships are great, but they take a heck of a lot of training to pilot. As a company, we are driven by serving publishers of all sizes and shapes.

So, we challenged ourselves. We have set out to make the high-performing technology we’ve built accessible to every publisher.

We’re taking all the power of our spacecraft and making it as easy to drive as a bicycle. Publishers get access to all the power we’ve built, without feeling an ounce of complexity.

Why? Because it’s in Our DNA.

We believe that you, as an independent publisher, are more than just a content creator. You’re an entrepreneur.

And we believe that you deserve the most effective technology to run your business.

It’s that simple.

We’re here to give you the best of both worlds. We’re here to make sure you can have your cake and eat it too (because honestly, why would you have cake if you weren’t going to eat it).

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Building the Future

I’m here, and the entire Playwire team is here, to make your success a reality.

Let me explain my why.

I started my career in computer engineering. I loved tech and I loved problem solving. But early in my career, I found myself hungry for something more.

In a search for what was missing, I decided to return to school for an MBA and found an immediate love for marketing and writing.

While going back to school, I worked as a personal trainer (health and fitness being a strong personal passion of mine). It was at that time I discovered an unbelievable passion for service delivery. I loved working directly with clients, seeing how I could help them, and feeling the immense pride that comes with a service well delivered.

The combination of passions that emerged from my time in both training and school led me to digital marketing and agency work. It combined everything I loved: technology, writing, marketing, relationship building, and service delivery.

In the agency space, I gradually took steps to website design and development. I eventually came to lead the web design arm of a large digital agency and found a new passion to add to the list: user experience building.

This walk down memory lane explains the path that brought me to this role, and why it means the world to me.

My job as COO is to bring to life the products and services that meet the needs of independent publishers.

Amazingly, my entire career has been leading me to this point:

  • I am passionate about building the technology and continuing to innovate our platform to deliver the best revenue to each and every publisher that we serve.
  • I get to help create an experience and service delivery model for publishers that is out of this world.
  • Our products and services must delicately balance each publisher's ad revenue needs with their experience to continue building for their users, a mainstay from my time in web development.

At the end of the day, I’m here to:

  • Make sure our platform is the best product on the market
  • Deliver the best customer service experience the industry has to offer
  • Make it all effortless on the part of the publisher

The Dawn of an Era

We’re here to usher in the age of the digital entrepreneur. More than a creator. More than a publisher.

You’re the future of the web. The future of business.

Let’s build that future together.

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