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Defining Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is the money publishers earn from advertisers for placing advertisements on their publishing channels. Ads in and on websites, apps, over-the-top (OTT) channels, connected TVs (CTVs), videos, social media channels, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, billboards, buses and even park benches generate revenue for publishers or business owners.

The Publishers' Guide to Ad Revenue


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Ad Revenue

How Much Ad Revenue Can a Website Make?

How do you assure you're making the most ad revenue possible? Here are several key traffic benchmarks to get you started.

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Ad Revenue Calculator

Because there are so many variables at play, ad revenue calculators are often highly inaccurate. Here are a few more accurate ways to calculate ad revenue.

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Ad revenue estimates suck. Here's why.

Ad revenue projections have turned into a tactic to win deals. Over-promising and under-delivering are par for the course in the industry. Here's how to protect yourself.

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A Guide for Website Publishers: How to Manage + Monitor Ad Revenue Metrics

Knowing which metrics to monitor, and how frequently to look at them, is the first and foundational step in maximizing your ad revenue. Click below to learn more about how to manage and monitor your ad revenue metrics.

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Online and Mobile Ad Revenue Statistics


Each year, statistics confirm that ads are one of the best ways for publishers to boost revenue. Click below to get this year's online and mobile ad revenue statistics.

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How to
Increase ad revenue

How Playwire Drives Astronomical Ad Revenue

Check out this article and infographic, which were built to help you understand the true depth and breadth of Playwire's offerings and technologies for publishers, and how each one helps drive astronomical ad revenue.

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6 Ways to Increase Mobile Ad Revenue

This brief guide will give you ways to build a successful ad revenue strategy in order to increase mobile ad revenue.

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Increasing Ad Revenue with Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence is proprietary technology Playwire has developed to be driven by a single purpose: to increase ad revenue for publishers. Read more about how it works.

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How to Drive App Ad Revenue

Developers stand to make a lot of money through in-app advertising, but only if they do it right. Here are 6 strategies to help you drive app ad revenue.

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How LEVVVEL doubled their ad revenue with Playwire

It’s simple: you’ll get lots of emails from vendors making promises they can’t keep, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that counts. And Playwire puts in the work behind the scenes that drives higher ad revenue for us.
Deni Latic
CEO, Delati Group

LEVVVEL _ The best gaming experiences start here. (1)

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Daily Ad Revenue


Higher CPMs for directly sold inventory


Higher CPMs for Trendi video units


Higher CPMs for their Flex Leaderboard unit

Frequently Asked Questions About Ad Revenue

Can Digital Advertising Be Combined with Other Monetization Models?

Absolutely. In some cases, this is a really smart move. Ad revenue is an important part of most publishers’ revenue strategies, but it can be combined with various other income streams. For example, you can offer a monthly or annual subscription fee to remove ads and access premium content. Alternatively, you might sell products or digital goods in your app or on your website, in addition to selling ad inventory to brands.

Does Ad Unit Type Affect Ad Revenue?

Definitely. While the breakdown isn’t always the same, you can generally assume that video ads will be more valuable than basic display banners. On top of that, premium ad units like skinned pre-roll video and rewarded video offer compelling metrics like 100% viewability that will convince buyers to pay top dollar.

How Can I Increase My Ad Revenue?

There is no maximum when it comes to ad revenue, so there’s always room to do better. Consider the strategies described above, or find a high-quality ad revenue amplification partner like Playwire.

How Much Money Can Apps Make Per Ad?

How much an app makes per ad is a fluid number that is influenced by a large number of variables. For example, the same exact ad run in the U.S. and run in China will make different amounts. Similarly, different kinds of ad units and app platforms (Android and iOS) will command different rates.

For reference, global in-app banner eCPM rates in 2021 fell somewhere between $0.16 and $0.38, while the global average eCPM for in-app rewarded video was between $12 and $14.

How Much Money Can Websites Make Per Ad?

As is the case with apps and other channels, websites make wildly different amounts of money per ad based on a huge number of factors. You actually control many of those factors by setting and changing the rules for your programmatic auctions.

However, if you want to get a basic idea of how much you could earn if you implemented ads, Google AdSense has a handy calculator that can give you a rough estimate. That comes with a caveat: The calculator gives an estimate for what you might make using Google AdSense, not other platforms, and it’s a very rough estimate.

Does Ad Unit Type Affect Ad Revenue?

There is no hard and fast rule for when to start running ads. Most beginner publishers are understandably eager to see some money coming in for all their hard work, but the amount you make from the tools that will accept you when you have a small audience will likely be negligible.

That’s why the recommendation for the early days is always to focus on building your audience rather than filling the site or app up with ads that almost no one will see. For websites, the general rule of thumb is that you won’t see much ROI until you start getting over 300,000 page views per month. For apps, you want at least 1,000 daily active users as a general rule.

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