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Learn about all things ad monetization with this comprehensive guide from our experts.

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What is Ad Monetization?

Learn more about what ad monetization is and where to begin building your ad monetization strategy.

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How to Build an Ad Monetization Strategy

Learn how to build an ad monetization strategy that works for your unique content, audience, and platforms.

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Best Ad Monetization Solutions

Learn more about the similarities and differences between monetizing with ads through Google, Amazon, direct sales, and comprehensive revenue partners. 

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7 Best Ad Monetization Practices

Learn 7 best ad monetization practices for setting yourself up for the highest revenue and long-term success.

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The Best Method for Video Ad Monetization


Many publishers are interested in video ads, but few know how or where to start. Learn why video ads drive significantly higher CPMs than display ads and the best methods for video ad monetization in the article below.

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Build vs. Buy

Ad Tech Stack Build vs. Buy Series: Ad Monetization Solutions

Learn more about what it takes to DIY ad monetization versus working with a revenue amplification partner such as Playwire.

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Ad Monetization with Playwire vs. Building Out an Ad Ops Team

Learn more about the ins and outs of building your own Ad Ops team versus working with Playwire and our team of ad tech experts.

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Learn how LEVVVEL Doubled Their Ad Revenue working with Playwire

It’s simple: you’ll get lots of emails from vendors making promises they can’t keep, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that counts. And Playwire puts in the work behind the scenes that drives higher ad revenue for us.
Deni Latic
CEO, Delati Group

LEVVVEL _ The best gaming experiences start here. (1)

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Daily Ad Revenue


CPM Increase for Direct Sales Deals


CPM Increase for Video Ad Units


CPM Increase from Flex Leaderboard Ad Unit

The Best Ad Monetization Platforms in 2023


An ad monetization platform should be evaluated based on platform capabilities, technology, ad units, demand sources, and creative support. So that's exactly what we did. Check out our list of the top ad monetization platforms in 2023.


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Ad Monetization

Changing the Face of In-App Ad Monetization

Historically, in-app ad monetization has not been publisher-friendly due to inefficiencies and roadblocks that often leave money on the table and make it difficult to manage integrations. Read on to learn how Playwire is changing the face of in-app ad monetization.

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Ad Tech Build vs. Buy: App Monetization Solutions

Trying to decide between DIY app monetization and working with an app revenue partner like Playwire? Read on to learn more about what else route entails.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ad Monetization

What are the ways to do ad monetization?

There are dozens of ways to do ad monetization. Each time there is a major development in ad tech or the internet at large, we get even more methods of monetizing with ads.

With that said, here are some of the most common methods of ad monetization:

Each of these ad types and strategies comes with its own sets of pros and cons, but most publishers use one or more methods described above.

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Are direct sales still a viable method of ad monetization?

While the vast majority of digital advertising is now done via automated and highly modern methods like programmatic advertising, direct-sold ads remain a key part of many publishers' ad monetization strategies.

There's a great reason for that: Direct sales can lead to higher CPMs for every ad impression. When you have enough brand recognition as a publisher to get the attention of advertisers or direct buyers, you can command higher prices for the privilege of reaching your unique audience.

What tools will I need to monetize my website with ads?

The tools you will need to monetize your website with ads will depend heavily on the method of advertising you choose. If you want to go all-in on programmatic advertising without relying solely on an all-in-one prebuilt ad monetization platform, you will likely need the following tools in your ad tech stack:

Learn more about all of the components of the ad tech stack in detail.

Can app publishers monetize their apps with advertising?

Desktop and mobile app developers can and often do monetize their apps with advertising. Many of the same tools and techniques used in web advertising apply to app advertising, although their setup and implementation usually involve integrating various software development kits (SDKs). 

While each individual app ad unit, tool, and demand source may look somewhat different for in-app advertising compared to web advertising, an app monetization strategy is just as important a source of revenue for many app publishers.

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