Key Points

  • While there aren’t necessarily ad networks that cater specifically to Android publishers, many of the same mobile ad networks we’ve recommended in the past are compatible with Android.
  • Whether you live within the Android or iOS environment, you do have the freedom to be selective about important requirements such as brand safety and ad format compatibility.
  • If all the available app monetization options are making your head spin, you can opt to work with an all-in-one revenue partner like Playwire. We’ll simplify all the technical complexities and get you on the quickest path to reach your ad revenue goals.

We’ll keep it short n’ sweet: there are no notable ad networks that specialize in supporting Android publishers.

But believe it or not, this is great news, actually. This is because finding the right ad network isn’t limited by compatibility with your environment, which allows you to focus on other important elements in your search for the best mobile ad network for Android.

To help get you started, we’ve published a list of all the best mobile advertising networks, all of which are compatible with Android.

As for the other elements you should consider? Keep reading.

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How to Select the Right Ad Network for Android

First and foremost, here’s an extremely quick, brief history lesson on ad networks. Within today’s digital ad space, traditional ad networks don’t really exist. However, those ad networks that do still exist typically operate as a small component of larger tech, adding value to the parent ad monetization solution.

To learn more about the history of ad networks and why they have dissolved so significantly over the years, check out The Ultimate Guide to Ad Networks.

Back to why you are here today: selecting the right mobile ad network for Android. You really can’t go wrong with any of our best ad networks for apps. But that doesn't mean you should slap on a blindfold and play pin-the-tail-on-the-ad-network. 

There are a lot of factors to consider. Here are the big ones —

Brand Safety

We know what you’re thinking: ad networks that prioritize brand safety? Be serious.

Okay, we do like to joke here at Playwire. But one thing we always take seriously is brand safety.

In the early days of the digital advertising industry, ad networks developed a bad reputation for selling ad inventory to whatever publishers offered top dollar… regardless of whether or not those ads were high-quality.

This led to some less-than-positive user experience issues for publishers as their site visitors encountered all sorts of nasty ads.

In the modern ad tech ecosystem, that kind of tomfoolery doesn’t fly. 

Publishers and advertisers demand transparency. So, ad networks that don’t compromise on brand safety are a relatively recent development.

Every option on our two compatible lists, the best mobile ad networks and the best ad networks for apps, does a great job of protecting your users and your reputation within the digital ad space.

But that doesn’t mean all ad networks are trustworthy. 

Here are a few ways you can confirm an ad network has your best interests in mind —

  • Review the platform’s ad fraud prevention policies
  • Read case studies and user reviews on G2 or TrustRadius
  • Look for solutions designed to support publishers in your industry or niche
  • Check for comprehensive compliance standards and privacy protection policies
  • Read their ad quality standards 

Finally, and this is an important one, keep an eye out for pricing transparency. 

This is one of the biggest gripes publishers and advertisers had with traditional ad networks. The last thing you need is a black box in your operation, so check the network’s payment terms before committing.

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Ad Format Compatibility

While all the ad networks on our lists support Android and iOS environments, they do vary in terms of ad format compatibility.

Depending on the types of ads you want to host on your web or mobile app, some options may be more suitable than others. 

Android apps can support a ton of different ad formats —

  • Video 
  • Display
  • In-app
  • In-game
  • Native
  • Rewarded

If you want an ad network that is compatible with all of these ad formats, confirm that before getting into a contract.

Alternatively, if your revenue strategy focuses on a specific format — like video ads — then find an ad network that specializes in mobile app video advertising

Technical Capabilities and Bonus Features

If you’re still stuck choosing between a few options, here are some additional things to consider —

  • Advanced targeting capabilities: Targeting will improve the value of your ad inventory and result in a higher CTR (AKA more $$$ for your advertisers and for you).
  • Flexible contract options: Look for payment terms and options that align with your standard practices.
  • Support: We all need a hand once in a while. A good technical support team can make or break your ability to maximize the value of working with your chosen ad monetization platform.

Master Android App Monetization With Playwire

Even with the right know-how, finding the best ad network for your Android app can be a challenge. Like everything else in ad tech, it’s difficult to know what the best option is, let alone find ways to optimize and integrate the option into your tech stack.

That’s where we come in.

Playwire is your all-in revenue partner — we handle the tough stuff, no matter what environment your site or mobile application lives in, so you can sit back and watch your ad revenue grow. 

We’ve got the tools, tech, and team to get you where you need to go.

If you’re ready to start amplifying your revenue, reach out to us online.

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