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When publishers think of programmatic advertising, they often think of display banners and similar inventory that sells for very little. Display banners are fine, but they aren’t the only inventory you can sell programmatically.

At Playwire, we work hard to position ourselves as the leaders in custom creative for programmatic ads. That means we know great programmatic advertising when we see it, and we’ve built the ability to sell a wide range of ad types that you wouldn’t typically be able to access through purely programmatic buys. 

To give you a better idea of what programmatic done right looks like on the publisher side, we have compiled some of our best programmatic advertising examples from publishers who know what they’re doing.

To get access to the custom creative described below, Playwire’s exclusive inventory, the ability to sell this custom inventory programmatically and our wealth of first-party data, contact us today.

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Programmatic Advertising

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Takeover Packages

When they are done right, takeover ads block out the competition and give your viewers an engaging and memorable interaction with the brand advertising on your website. You can offer a 1% to 2% average click-through rate (CTR) and 100% viewability to advertisers with custom takeover packages that lock the competition out of your audience by filling every inventory slot available on your homepage.

Takeover Package Example


Flex Leaderboard

Playwire’s flex leaderboard ads offer high impact across multiple devices. These high-value ads are inline and occupy the full screen height as the user scrolls. More of the ad reveals itself as the user scrolls further down the page. 

Advertisers looking to have their voices heard by a good share of your audience jump at this kind of inventory. This custom unit supports everything from standard banner fare to content galleries, video and gamified calls to action. By buying this inventory, advertisers gain access to 100% viewability, a 0.7% CTR, a 1.5% engagement rate and an 80% video completion rate (VCR).

Flex Leaderboard Example


Web Interstitial

Want to offer full-page ads without obscuring your content? A web interstitial might be your answer. These full-page web ads appear to your audience between page views, meaning they’re never interrupted in the middle of an article, video or level.

When web interstitial ads work as they’re supposed to, they offer average CTRs of 2.5%, VCRs of 81%, a 2% average engagement rate and 100% viewability.

Web Interstitial Example


Interactive Pre-Roll with Intent Survey

This custom video ad inventory works best with online and app-based games. It runs before and during gameplay and presents viewers with a purchase intent survey. This allows publishers to offer not only custom and interactive video and gamified ads but also a wealth of purchase intent feedback. For many advertisers, purchase intent data can be more valuable than many of the more common ad performance metrics.

Interactive Pre-Roll Example


Gamified Video

Our in-house creative team excels at programmatic gamified video. With gamified calls to action and irresistible fun, these units offer advertisers engagement rates of as high as 15%. That’s paired with an 85% VCR and 15% CTR, which is why these pieces of custom programmatic inventory bring in serious revenue for publishers.

Gamified Video Example


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Sandbox | Ad Monetization Case Study

Skinned Pre-Roll

Publishers can boost the value of their pre-roll inventory by offering a custom skin option. This option gives brands the chance to make a bigger impact on the page and with each viewer — not to mention the sharpened edge they provide to cut through ad blindness. With skinned pre-roll, your advertisers’ ads are in the spotlight for your audience. For you, that translates to a higher-value video ad unit.

Skinned Pre-Roll Examples



Do Programmatic Right with Playwire

We can’t help it — when we see our publishers doing programmatic right, we smile. And we want to share with the world the unique opportunity to sell cutting-edge, custom inventory programmatically.

The above publishers are just a handful of the countless Playwire clients who are maximizing the value of their programmatic sales efforts. Publishers work with Playwire because we have an in-house creative team to provide custom inventory, which means we offer advertisers exclusive inventory that they can’t get anywhere else. Publishers who follow the programmatic advertising money join Playwire’s exclusive, world-class publisher network.

To discuss your custom programmatic needs, reach out to Playwire. Give us a call at 1-561-206-4621 or contact us online today.

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