Playwire Product Updates: Advanced Yield Analytics for App, App Monetization Partners, Custom Monitoring and Alerting

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Key Points:

  • Current Updates: We recently welcomed several new app monetization partners. Additionally, Our Advanced Yield Analytics for App are now live! Keep reading to learn more.
  • Coming Soon: You will soon be able to set up and receive custom alerts for key performance metrics more quickly than ever before.

CURrent updates

New Monetization Partners

TL;DR: We have introduced several new monetization partners, offering app publishers the opportunity to generate even more revenue.

We recently introduced Prebid monetization into our SDK to unlock more revenue opportunities for app publishers.

Additionally, we have introduced Pangle, TikTok’s Open Bidding solution. Open Bidding, which operates through Google, allows you to invite third-party demand partners to compete for your inventory in a single auction with real-time, server-to-server bidding.

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App Monetization Guide

The Complete Guide to App Monetization for Publishers


Advanced Yield Analytics for App

TL;DR: App publishers can now access deeper, more streamlined insights into how their ads are performing.

Liftoff has officially commenced for our new suite of app analytics. App publishers will now have access to a deeper, more powerful suite of Advanced Yield Analytics, which includes both traffic and performance data unified and available to you in one central place.

Some of the new analytic categories include:

  1. Engagement
    • New users
    • Daily Active Users
    • Monthly Active Users
    • ARPDAU
  2. User/Environmental
    • Device Model
    • Device Brand
    • OS
    • OS Version
  3. Acquisition
    • Campaign
    • Impressions
    • Sessions

To learn more about our new Advanced Yield Analytics for app, please contact us by clicking here.

Coming Soon

Custom Monitoring and Alerting

TL;DR: You will soon be able to set up and receive alerts for key metrics in a more timely manner.

An exciting update that is quickly approaching orbit, custom monitoring and alerting will forever change the speed at which priority data becomes available. 

With this knowledge, publishers will be able to more quickly address problems and identify future opportunities surrounding key performance metrics.

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