Playwire Product Updates: Hashed Email API, In-Article Optimizations, Analytics Upgrades, Page Performance Improvements

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Hashed Email API

TL;DR: Learn about the features and many benefits of Playwire’s new Hashed Email API including higher CPMs for user sessions that can be tied to an email address.

In the haze of chaos that ensued since Google announced the end of third-party cookies, one solution has emerged triumphant: Hashed Email

Thus, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Hashed Email API, which includes all the benefits and functionalities you can expect from a quality hashed email solution, and then some.

The functionalities include —

The benefits you get from using Playwire's Hashed Email API equal —

  • Improved user experience
  • Better engagement
  • Increased CPMs
  • Higher valued inventory and fill rates

Contact us to learn more about our Hashed Email API.


In-Article Ad Unit Optimizations

TL;DR: We recently optimized the functionality of our in-article units to create more revenue opportunity without introducing CLS!

With a brand-new addition to its functionality, our in-article unit now has the ability to provide a fixed-height container around the unit. See the light blue area in the animation below:


This functionality allows us to serve multiple ad sizes (which means more revenue!) into the container without causing any disruptions to your Cumulative Layout Score (CLS), which directly correlates with a better user experience, higher search rankings, and more organic traffic.

Additionally, because the ad unit scrolls within the body of the container, it helps to improve viewability as well.

Learn more about in-article ad units.


Analytics Upgrade

TL;DR: Say goodbye to Universal Analytics and hello to more robust analytics with GA4!

With the sunsetting of Universal Analytics, our team has been hard at work further improving our GA4 offering.

Our platform reporting now offers publishers additional features such as new sticky rows, ensuring column headers stay visible while a user scrolls, as well as grand totals row, to provide an overview of your data at a quick glance.


Additionally, we’ve bolstered our speed to make load times faster so publishers can spend less time reviewing their performance data and more time acting on it.

Learn more about GA4.


Page Performance Improvements

TL;DR: We recently made updates to our bidder stack including more granular control over auctions and more efficient ad requests.

To further enhance page performance and maximize publisher revenue, we’ve packaged ad units into one call to the server in order to minimize latency and total network requests.

We have also updated the list of bidder partners within our stack vying to win auctions on your page, and increased control over which bidders we want in the auction and for how long.

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