Playwire Product Updates: RAMP 2.0, DMP Optimizations, and Advanced Yield Analytics

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Key Points:

  • Action Items: January 15th is fast approaching! Update RAMP 2.0 today.
  • Current Updates: New advancements to our Revenue Intelligence {RI} capabilities, DMP audience segmentation, and Advanced Yield Analytics filtering will equate to more streamlined and effective processes, and maximized revenue!
  • Coming Soon: We’re preparing customizable monitoring and alerting capabilities for both web and app, meaning you’ll soon be able to configure intraday and daily notifications on key metrics. Alerts will bring problems and opportunities to your attention right away!

Action items

RAMP 2.0

TL;DR: Update RAMP 2.0 to avoid any disruptions to your revenue stream (and to get access to out-of-this-world analytics)!

The time is running out to update RAMP 2.0. It is imperative that you make the appropriate updates before January 15, 2023.

For more details regarding RAMP 2.0 as well as step-by-step instructions for how to make this update, please review this documentation. Please note you will need to login to your RAMP account to review the linked documentation.

CURrent updates

Revenue Intelligence {RI}

TL;DR: We’ve added yet another quiver to the {RI} arrow with algorithms dedicated to managing header bidder timeouts, driving more incremental revenue for you.

Expanding our Revenue Intelligence {RI} capabilities, our team of technical experts built an optimization calculator to be leveraged for display header bidder timeouts.

Learn more about our overarching approach to Revenue Intelligence {RI}.


Data Management Platform (DMP) Optimizations

TL;DR: We’ve made it even easier to target your audiences with RAMP’s built-in DMP, making your audience all-the-more valuable to advertisers. 

This update to RAMP’s built-in DMP provides our team of experts with the ability to more accurately control audience segment targeting.

Learn more about our Data Management Platform.


Advanced Yield Analytics Load Speed

TL;DR: Your Advanced Yield Analytics (which are already awesome), are now faster and more responsive than ever.

We recently made broader performance updates to our Advanced Yield Analytics filtering and comparison capabilities, helping to diminish overall lag time and provide publishers with significantly quicker access to their chosen data.

Learn more about Advanced Yield Analytics.

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Advanced Yield AnalyticsGet Simple, Robust Analytics with RAMP's Advanced Yield Analytics!

Coming Soon

Custom Monitoring and Alerting

TL;DR: Publishers will soon have the ability to set up and receive alerts for key metrics in a more timely manner.

An exciting update that is nearly ready for lift-off, custom monitoring and alerting will change the way you manage your ad revenue forever. As noted above, with this update, we will have the ability to configure intraday and daily notifications on key performance metrics. This will allow specified Playwire admins to address problems and identify future opportunities right away, rather than waiting to discover them.


Advanced Yield Analytics for App

TL;DR: App publishers will gain deeper, more streamlined insight into how their ads are performing.

In T-minus one month, we will be releasing a deeper suite of Advanced Yield Analytics for apps. App publishers will gain access to more powerful analytics and reporting than ever before with the integration of Firebase data along with other demand sources. And, the best part: an integration process that has never been easier through our mobile SDK.

Be on the lookout for an email in early January with more details regarding next steps for implementation.

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