Ad Layout Recommendations: Editorial
(News or Content-Heavy)

Learn how to structure your ad units on editorial websites.

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Anatomy of an
Editorial Site

Editorial websites are common ground for ad monetization. In some cases, content-heavy sites may also mix monetization methods and offer subscription-based services as well. Learn more about what to consideration for mixed-revenue model sites in this article.


Common Editorial
Page Layouts

Get recommendations for all of the most common page layouts on editorial and content-heavy websites. Dig into each page type to get customized recommendations for conservative, moderate, or more aggressive ad layout options. 

Listing Pages

Editorial, news, or content-heavy sites employ listing page layouts in various ways:

  • Home pages are typically a listing of recent content
  • Search results are often displayed in a listing layout
  • Category listings are also very common

Listing Page Recommendations


Article Pages

If you're in the business of content creation, you're going to have content-heavy pages. Those typically look like "articles" or text-heavy pages.

Article Page Recommendations


Other Page Types

Occasionally, editorial or content-heavy sites will also make use of some of these more unique or specific-use type of pages:

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