Ad Layout Recommendations: Forum Websites

Learn how to structure your ad units on forum-style websites.

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Anatomy of a
Forum Site

Forum-style websites have a lot in common with traditional editorial-style websites and are great for monetization with their often fanatical and loyal user base.


Common Forum
Page Layouts

Get recommendations for all of the most common page layouts on editorial and content-heavy websites. Dig into each page type to get customized recommendations for conservative, moderate, or more aggressive ad layout options. 

Listing Pages

Forum-style sites often employ listing page layouts in various ways:

  • Home pages are typically a listing of recent topics
  • Search results are often displayed in a listing layout
  • Category listings are also very common

Listing Page Recommendations


Forum Pages

Forum pages can follow the traditional recommendations for article-style websites, where you will simply think of user entries or forum responses as individual "paragraphs" of content.

Content Page Recommendations


Other Page Types

Occasionally, editorial or content-heavy sites will also make use of some of these more unique or specific-use type of pages:

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