Ad Unit Layouts: Detail Pages

Learn how to structure your ad units on an individual listing detail page.

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Anatomy of a
Detail Page

Detail pages have highly variable formats, but are usually text-heavy and may incorporate other interactive components:

  • Galleries or sliders
  • Accordions
  • Videos
Details-Page-Anatomy (1)

Base Layouts

The suggestions below are broken down by conservative, moderate, and aggressive labels. These labels refer to your level of comfort with ad density. Keep in mind that the right balance is different for each site. In general, as you get more aggressive with your total ad units you'll want to closely watch viewability metrics and ensure you aren't sacrificing viewability for volume. Special considerations for additional page components can be found below.


If you'd like to stay on the conservative side with your ad layout, we recommend these following high impact units:



If you're interested in testing the waters and adding a few more units to the mix, these units are great to layer on top of the conservative suggestions:

  • Use a sticky Medium rectangle (if you have a sidebar)
  • Consider introducing ads into some of your interactive elements on page (see section below which covers interactive options)
  • Optional: Flex Skin (only serves when there is a campaign, overrides all other sticky units when it serves)


If you're comfortable increasing the ad density a bit more, these additional units can be added to the moderate recommendations without overwhelming the experience:



Galleries or Sliders


Galleries or sliders offer the option to include interstitial ads between slides in the gallery. If you go this route, we'd recommend an ad no more than once per 3 slides or so.



If your details pages include videos, like video tours for example, there is always an option for pre-content video ads that play before the content begins.



Accordions are typically used to house primarily text-based content, there is always the option to include a leaderboard in the expanded content.

Tabbed Sections


Depending on what is displayed in tabbed sections, there may be an opportunity to put a leaderboard below the content of a tab to utilize open screen space.

Listing Sections


Often used for showcasing other recommended listings that are similar to the current one, there is always the option to layer an in-article unit between rows of listings, depending on length.

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