Ad Layout Recommendations: Kid-FOcused Websites

Learn how to structure your ad units on kid-focused websites.

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Anatomy of a
Kids' webite

Kids websites are not that different from any other website in terms of traditional layouts and best practices. What is different is level of restrictions and regulations involved in serving ads to children. Make sure you are well versed in COPPA compliance and aren't using any audience-tracking technology that falls outside of the rules.


Common Kid-Focused
Website Types

All of the recommendations for ad layouts remain the same as on traditional sites, just keep in mind the limitations on advertisers and tracking. Some common styles of websites traditionally focused on serving kids include:

Gaming Websites

Educational games are a common strategy for kids' websites. Get all the recommendations for ad layouts for gaming sites.

Gaming Websites


Educational Content

Kid-focused websites may also be built to house a plethora of educational content in a more editorial-style format.

Editorial Websites


Other Page Types

Occasionally, kid-focused sites will also make use of some of these more unique or specific-use type of pages:

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