Breaking Down the Ad Tech Stack


What is the Publisher Ad Tech Stack?

The publisher ad tech stack is the combination of technologies that enable publishers to effectively deliver ads on their website pages.

The publisher ad tech stack is complicated. And it’s getting more complicated every day. New concerns and innovations develop quickly, and with each, the tech stack grows larger.

The Complete Web Publisher Ad Tech Stack

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The Complete Publisher Ad Tech Stack: Everything You Need to Know

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Build vs. Buy

Are you considering a DIY route, building or integrating each piece of the ad tech stack in-house? Wondering how the effort and ROI stack up to choosing a managed service solution?

These articles help break down, in detail, the difference between building a component, integrating a standalone tool, or ultimately working with a platform that consolidates it all for you.

Get all your burning questions answered with the articles in this series.

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Publisher Ad Tech Stack Maturity

Learn more about how the traditional publisher ad tech stack matures as a publisher grows.

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Incorporating Demand Sources

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Increase CPMs by Incorporating More Demand Sources

The simplest, and most effective way to increase CPMs for your website or mobile app is to incorporate more sources of demand. Learn how many to integrate.

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Best SSPs for Publishers

Trying to determine which demand sources to integrate? Find out which SSP partners offer the best solutions for publishers.

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Benefits of Direct Sales for Publishers

Learn more about why you should be taking advantage of demand from direct sales (hint: higher CPMs!).

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Learn how LEVVVEL doubled ad revenue with Playwire.

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Dive in Deeper with Educational Content on Components of the Ad Tech Stack

Header Bidding

Header Bidding Resource Center

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about header bidding (and probably more) in our comprehensive resource center.

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Video Header Bidding

Video Header Bidding: What Publishers Need to Know

Learn everything publishers need to know about video header bidding, and how to implement it.

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Ad Serving

What Is an Ad Server and How Does It Work?

In this post, the ad tech team at Playwire lays out what ad servers are and how they work. Read on for more information, and find out how to maximize advertising yield.

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Programmatic Stack

Programmatic Advertising Resource Center

Browse all of our content about programmatic advertising in a single place to learn more about the entire ecosystem.

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Video Advertising

Video Advertising Resource Center

Learn about the tools and technology needed to implement video advertising (and how to generate higher CPMs that traditional display).

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Beyond the Ad Tech Stack

Increasing Ad Revenue with Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence is proprietary technology Playwire has developed to be driven by a single purpose: to increase ad revenue for publishers. Read more about how it works.

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Learn how Letterboxd Realized a 200% Yield Increase from Header Bidding Alone

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Selecting the Right Tools

Trying to determine which tools and technologies are right for you? Use these articles to learn about the top providers in each category.


Best Header Bidding Partners

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Best Ad Servers for Publishers

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Top DMP Partners

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Best Consent Management Platforms

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Top Demand Side Platforms

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Top App Mediation Partners

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Top Ad Networks

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