Turning a passion into a thriving community of like-minded individuals is something every budding publisher dreams of. It’s a harrowing journey filled with challenges, opportunities, and plenty of hard work. 

In 2001, at just 14, Jordan Greer did just that when he created GTPlanet

Driven by the love of the popular racing sim Gran Turismo 2, he envisioned a sanctuary, a place that could become a home for everyone and anyone who shared his excitement for the octane-fueled racer. 

These days, GTPlanet has blossomed into a thriving community dedicated to the Gran Turismo series and the racing game industry as a whole. It’s the hub for all things racing-sim in the digital world, and its story is one every publisher and content creator should know.

The Genesis of GTPlanet

In those early days, GTPlanet was a modest platform servicing a small yet dedicated fanbase. Some of those earliest users fueled Greer’s fire, encouraging him to pour more into the site and dream bigger.

These users were more than readers; they played a significant role in GTPlanet’s development, offering insights into the direction and upcoming titles.

With every new Gran Turismo release, the site grew.

By 2007, GTPlanet soared past 100,000 registered users. And, just as the racing games it covered evolved and advanced, so did this budding platform. With every release came new articles, interviews with major players in the space, and plenty of collaborations with industry giants. 

GTPlanet has since moved into video, covering significant events, published its first book, GTPEDIA, celebrated 10 million forum posts, and even branched out into car reviews.

In 2021, GTPlanet celebrated its 20th anniversary — a milestone almost unheard of in the fast-paced world of digital media. 

These days, GTPlanet is a thriving hub for diverse racing-sim titles and enthusiasts, covering much more than just Gran Turismo.

GTPlanet's Growth and Community Impact

The 2010s were a period of growth and rapid expansion.

Not only did GTPlanet expand its scope, venturing into related car racing territory, but it also built an even more diverse community of enthusiasts. While Gran Turismo would always be at the site's core, it was clear the GTPlanet was evolving into a holistic sim-racing hub.

The forums played a critical role in this growth.

Here, members from across the globe got together to talk about all things car racing and, in the process, formed lasting friendships and connections.

GTPlanet became a gathering place for discussions, new experiences, and the forming of bonds over a shared passion. But, the community aspect of the site went far beyond virtual interactions. 

These friendships evolved from digital to reality, with members getting together to celebrate life events like weddings and even rallying together for charitable causes. These are the kinds of stories that show that GTPlanet is much more than about racing sims; it’s about finding your tribe, making connections, and growing together.

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GTPlanet Case Study

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Collaborations and Industry Influence

A strong community set the foundation for massive opportunities.

This status as the go-to spot for all things racing sim bolstered GTPlanet’s influence in the industry, opening up doors that once seemed completely out of reach. GTPlanet has worked with top brands like Sony, Dell Alienware, and Logitech — to name a few.

These partnerships and collaborations elevated GTPlanet’s status in the industry and opened even more chances to expand and reach more users.

Through these collaborations and its comprehensive coverage, GTPlanet played a crucial role in shaping the sim-racing genre. The site’s involvement in global esports event promotion has further cemented its position as a prominent, influential voice in the industry.

Leadership and Editorial Team

While GTPlanet was a one-person show for a long time with Greer at the helm, things have changed quite a bit. 

Today, GTPlanet still has Greer as the sole founder and driving force behind the platform. There is no mistaking that his passion for technology and community-building has been instrumental in the site’s success.

But he doesn’t do it all alone anymore.

Behind Greer is his dedicated editorial team, led by Andrew Evans and Chaz Draycott. They’ve brought new ideas and diverse strategies to the table, contributing to everything from coverage of live-streamed events to playing a major role in enriching the site’s content.

The Monetization Journey and Challenges

GTPlanet’s initial monetization journey started, as with most publishers, with Google AdSense.

This era was a bit of a learning experience for the site. Greer and the team explored the best way to generate revenue while staying true to their community and offering a positive user experience.

Of course, the quest for a suitable monetization partner was not without its hurdles.

GTPlanet, with its unique positioning at the intersection of gaming and car culture, required a partner who could understand and leverage this niche. This phase involved navigating through various options and understanding what worked best for a site like GTPlanet.

Luckily, they found a match with Playwire, and you can learn much more about that journey in GTPlanet’s case study.

Future Aspirations and Directions

The future is bright for GTPlanet. 

Greer and the team want to expand their content offering and features, enhance the user experience, and further solidify their position as a leading voice in the race-sim community.

On the horizon is an exciting roster of upcoming projects and collaborations that promise to enrich the community's overall experience. These may involve partnerships with major players in the gaming and automotive industries, offering unique content to fuel the demand from their growing audience.

Even with these lofty visions of the future, there is one constant — GTPlanet’s unwavering commitment to its community.

This commitment is one that any publisher should look at in awe. It’s not a simple feat building an engaged user base, let alone nurturing them and growing them over two decades. As GTPlanet moves forward, this commitment will guide its strategies, ensuring that community engagement remains at the heart of all future endeavors.

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