If you want to succeed as a digital publisher, you're likely going to end up working with Google products in some capacity. The giant company owns many of the platforms and demand sources publishers rely on, and it's in full control of just under 93% of the search engine market. In a highly similar vein, if you want to succeed as a digital publisher when it comes to ad revenue, you're better off working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

But what does it mean to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner? Below, the Playwire team will explain exactly what it means from first-hand experience. Read on.

Playwire wants to give publishers, or content creators, who are out there creating great content the best there is in revenue partnership, and that means we have to be the best there is. Being part of the select few that sit within Google's certified publishing partner program is one part of that, but there's much more to it. To learn all the ways we're equipped to help you, reach out to us.

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What It Means to Be a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Playwire is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. But what does that mean, exactly? It means:

We Bring Unique Value to Publishers

The whole reason Google takes the time to go out and find publishing partners who are worthy of certification is so that publishers can access a list of partners who have proven expertise and can actually help. The partners who have developed innovative solutions for publishers get special consideration from Google, too.

In other words, our certification means Google sees that we bring unique value to publishers like you. Through the unique combination of our proprietary revenue amplification technologies and global direct sales team, we help publishers reach the next level in their monetization strategies.

We Get Google's Ear

Once you're a Google Partner, you're in. Since our designation as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we have had the benefit of having Google's ear. When we tell them what's going on in the marketplace, what publishers need, and what people are saying about the latest developments with Google's various ad tech platforms, such as Google Ad Manager, they listen.

We get to work closely with Google's teams, and that isn't just a benefit for us. The publishers who work with us get that benefit by extension.

We Help Inform Google Product Development

Google is always working on new products or product improvements in the digital publishing and advertising space. As a part of that ongoing work, the company often taps Google Certified Publishing Partners for their expertise.

For example, Playwire was proud to help provide feedback as Google developed its app product, AdMob. They took a lot of insight from the software development kit (SDK) we were building, and now we welcome plenty of Google ad mobile app demand as a result of the company's success in this arena.

We Get Sites Off of Google’s Banned List

When you get banned from Google's ad platforms, you lose access to one of the biggest sources of demand for your inventory that exists. It's one of the worst things that can happen to a publisher trying to bring in ad revenue, and there's sometimes just no clear way to get off the banned list.

But if it happens to you and you're working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner like Playwire, you'll have a partner who can help. We actually go to Google and make the case for why you shouldn't be banned - we show them data and explain how we're working with you, and they'll often listen because they trust us.

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We Get Access to Beta Programs

Google has a digital product or platform for just about everything, and all of those products and platforms were in beta testing before they were available to the public. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we get access to many of those beta programs that are specific to publishing, advertising and ad tech. 

Publishers likely wouldn’t get early access to these programs, but if they’re working with us, they can get all the benefits of the latest from Google before their competitors do.

We Do Conferences in Tandem with Google

Another benefit of being Google certified is the ability to do conferences in tandem with Google. Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we were planning a conference about Core Web Vitals for publishers. The idea was to have a real conference with guest speakers that included Google experts.

As soon as the pandemic allows, we hope to start these conferences back up. It's hard for publishers to get that kind of access to Google experts, but when you're teamed up with a Google Certified Publishing Partner, it's only as hard as going to the next conference.

Work With a Google Certified Publishing Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner? It means Google recognizes that we work hard every day to increase publisher revenue. And for app and/or web publishers like you, it means you get access to all kinds of premium benefits that other publishers would kill for.

Ready to work with a Google Certified Partner? You're halfway there. All you have to do now is contact Playwire online.

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