For the majority of publishers who decide to work with Playwire, this isn’t their first time around the ad tech block. Many publishers have worked with other advertising partners before, and have probably been disappointed because their promises didn’t quite come to fruition.

We’re here to break that cycle. We’re here to really grow your revenue. Here’s how we’re different from the other guys: we prioritize service, attention to detail, communication and transparency to bring you unmatched results.

Working with Playwire begins with the technical implementation of our tools and platform. It’s important to us that the technical implementation part of working with us is not stressful or confusing to you. Don’t get us wrong — what we do is high-tech, but we want it to be low-effort on your end. We believe we’ve achieved that.

In this post, the Playwire team takes you through the steps of our technical implementation process. 

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First Steps: Getting Set Up

When you decide to work with Playwire, one of the first communications you will get from us is a list of initial steps to take to begin the technical implementation process. In a nutshell, these steps are simply to make a small change to your existing privacy policy, sign up for an account with Playwire online and get into our Google system. Typically, this is all done within the first couple of weeks.

Privacy Policy Changes

Privacy policies are important legal documents, so we tend to get a lot of questions about the change we ask publishers to make to theirs. The text we ask you to add simply sets you up to personalize ads on Apple devices and give users the ability to opt out of cookie tracking. Apple requires this wording change for publishers who want to serve personalized ads. 

The bit about opting out of cookie tracking is only necessary if you are using Playwire’s Consent Management Platform (CMP). You don’t have to use our CMP, but it’s designed to make General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance easier.

Signing Up for a Playwire Account

This part is really simple. We just need you to create a Playwire account so we can manage your campaign and keep you informed. The signup process is easy, and we’re here to walk you through it if you need any help.

Google Analytics and Ad Manager

Two Google tools are extremely important to our ability to grow your revenue:

We ask you to share Google Analytics access with us so we can track user behavior, acquisition and a number of other factors on your site. The Google Ad Manager part is all about connecting you with Google demand for your ad inventory. You become a child publisher within the Playwire account, and we connect you with broad demand through Google.

RAMPing Up

Immediately after you complete the initial setup steps, we start setting you up on our Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals (RAMP) platform. We begin by creating your ad units, whether they’re display, video or both. 

After that, we reach out to you to start the process of putting the necessary scripts and ad tech implements in a testing environment or on a test page. We work through any questions, tweak ad units and make sure you have the proper level of access to demand. We make sure everything is working properly and is up to your expectations.

Time to Go Live

With your approval and everything working perfectly, we’re ready to bring the testing environment out into the real world. This exciting moment is followed by your solutions engineer double- and triple-checking that everything is working properly on the site. 

While a few factors can affect the timeline, we like to take publishers live within the first month of signing with us. This is when you start to see the effects of working with Playwire. Your revenue will likely see at least a small bump up immediately after launch, and it only goes up from there.

The Maintenance and Optimization Phase

Calling what comes after launch just the maintenance phase probably isn’t quite right, which is why we have the “optimization” part in the title. Yes, we work to maintain everything we’ve just implemented on your site, but the real focus is maintaining consistent growth in your revenue.

In this phase, we begin getting some highly valuable data from your campaign and analytics, and we process that information to turn it into actionable insights. We keep you informed at every step so you know exactly what’s going on and can see the value in what we’re doing for you.

Growing Your Revenue is Easy with Playwire

The basic idea is this: we set your site up for an explosion of revenue growth, and then we take it even higher. After the technical implementation phase, we shift into a consultative role, in which we make informed recommendations and never stop looking to the future. The best part is the payoff: you bring in more revenue, and we watch your smile get wider and wider. There’s nothing better.

Through the technical implementation phase and beyond, Playwire is here for you. We promise to always put you and all of our publishers first. That’s the only way we’re going to get you and your revenue to the top. 

Ready to get started? We’re ready, too. Reach out and contact us online today.

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