In an effort to drive revenue higher, website, mobile app, connected TV and desktop client publishers are constantly making decisions and changes that leave them with one question:

“What am I getting myself into?”

At Playwire, we don’t want you asking that question when you partner with us. That’s why we have put together this blog post. Below, we lay out everything to expect in your first six months of working with Playwire and beyond.

Playwire demands more for publishers. Period. Ready to reach your new high-revenue reality? Reach out.

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Months 1 and 2

The first couple of months with Playwire are really exciting. This is when you meet your yield-optimization team, get your site ready for our tech and see your first revenue gains. 


On your very first day with us, you’re going to meet your Partner Success account manager. This person will be your go-to contact point for all of your advertising and revenue questions and concerns. During this meeting, you will also get an initial timeline of the upcoming steps and plan for an ideal launch date. 

We follow that up with a kickoff call that involves you, the Business Development representative who brought you into the fold, your account manager and the solutions engineer who has the pleasure to assist you in your partnership with us. This call could be 15 minutes of brief introductions, or 30 minutes if you have some questions.


Starting on the first day and throughout the first couple of weeks, four key things are happening on your account: 

  1. Our yield ops team is getting your site or app approved on all of the ad exchanges.
  2. Your account manager is looking at your site to find opportunities to improve both user experience and monetization. 
  3. Your assigned solutions engineer is digging into your site to make sure the code is as clean and SEO-friendly as possible, meaning it’s optimized for Core Web Vitals compliance and the best possible load times.
  4. We are getting our global direct sales team educated on the new opportunity so they can enter into the market equippe to win large budget brand deals for you

Some of these items will result in suggestions for changes you could make to your app or website. We know you’ve worked hard on this, and we don’t want you to have to do a lot of work, so we limit these suggestions to relatively simple changes that won’t require a lot of development. 


Within the first two or three weeks of signing up with Playwire, you should be able to go live with our revenue-increasing technology on your site or app. Before that happens, we ask you to add our tags to your site and give us a test page. This usually takes no more than a couple of hours.

From there, we check the test page to make sure everything is working properly. Are the videos playing in the video player? Are the right ads being served? We troubleshoot any issues to make sure your site is in perfect working order. 

Before going live, we may schedule a brief call to answer any questions you have or discuss any issues your solutions engineer has identified.

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Months 2 Through 6

After the first month or so, we like to shift into the mode that’s going to continue through the first six months and well into the future. This is when we begin the process of gathering useful data, tweaking your revenue strategies and aligning with you to make sure your long-term goals are met.

Data Gathering

Most publishers who work with us see an increase in revenue immediately after going live. In other words, you are likely to see more revenue within the first couple of months of working with us. However, this is only the first step up. At this stage, we start gathering data on ad performance metrics like click-through rate, viewability, completion rate and cost per mille (CPM) rates. 

This initial data-gathering phase usually takes about two weeks. Any insights we glean from these data points can turn into action items for optimization, selling points for advertisers or quick communications to you to keep you informed. 


To keep driving your revenue higher, we need to make changes to your strategy. Optimizations are the result of our algorithm-driven Revenue Intelligence technology and the insights of real human experts on our team. 

For example, our algorithm will know your site at this point, and it may note that a particular advertiser likes to buy inventory on it. It can then start putting more pressure on that advertiser to encourage more programmatic buys from them. Meanwhile, our direct sales team can use this knowledge to reach out to the advertiser to broker a direct sale, which will lead to higher CPMs.


With the systems in place and your revenue increasing, it’s time to talk about your goals. This is where we deliver on our promise to be a partner to our publishers. We want to take the time to get to know you and your long-term goals, and those goals don’t have to be all about revenue.

For example, some publishers tell us they want to sell their sites in a year. That tells us we need to get your pageviews higher and increase your monthly revenue with a heavier ad experience to make your site more valuable. Some publishers tell us their sites are passion projects and that they just want to cover a couple of bills with their revenue. That tells us we need to keep the user experience in mind and maybe dial back the number of ads we’re showing.

You decide what your future should look like. We make it happen.

The First 6 Months and Beyond

Throughout the first six months, and as long as you’re partnered with Playwire, you’ll experience the benefits we work hard to deliver to every single publisher we work with. These are the benefits that keep publishers with us for years and set us apart from the competition: excellent communication, strong direct sales and our unbeatable revenue results.


From your first day of working with us, you will have constant access to your account manager and solutions engineer. We keep in touch via email to make sure you’re happy, and you can reach out at any time.

Additionally, you can decide how informed you want to be. We don’t want to add unnecessary meetings to your already full calendar, so you tell us how often you want to meet and discuss the status of your ad revenue efforts. If it’s every two weeks, that’s great. If it’s once per year, that’s also great. It’s up to you.

Direct Selling

Throughout the first six months and beyond, our direct sales team will work constantly to pair you with the direct demand that yields the highest CPMs in the industry. We have countless relationships with direct buyers that we can immediately sell your site to, but we will also use what we know about your site or app to get you even more direct buys. 

With more direct buys comes higher revenue and better creatives. That’s why we invest in a razor-sharp worldwide sales team.

Higher Revenue

This is it — this is the ultimate goal. You want your revenue to be higher, and we make it happen. That’s not limited to the first six months, and we never reach a point where we say we’re done. Your revenue could always be higher, and it’s our job to make that happen as long as you’re partnered with us.

Playwire: Welcome to the Future of Publisher Revenue Optimization

If you’re like most publishers, your past is filled with struggles to pull in the revenue you really need. When you partner with Playwire, those struggles are over. We’ll take your site or app from revenue stagnation to revenue overdrive. 

That’s what the first six months — and beyond — look like with Playwire: higher revenue, less stress, world-class service, constant communication and a true partner in your goals as a publisher. The next six months, and all your many future years with us, look bright.

To learn more about Playwire’s services, reach out to our team by contacting us online.

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