Playwire VP of Data, Andrew Wilson, Drives Innovation Through Data

A global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, Playwire has built its success piece by piece, brick by brick, over the past decade and a half by building the very best team in the business. Now, more than ever before, Playwire is growing exponentially, which wouldn't be possible without the support of a variety of extraordinary Playwire team members including Vice President of Data, Andrew Wilson.

Get to Know Andrew

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With approximately 18 years of analytics experience, Andrew joined the Playwire team in May of 2021. Drawn to Playwire by the opportunity he recognized and the innovation he already saw happening, Andrew knew he would be able to hit the ground running.

"When I was looking at Playwire, there was a big opportunity to take data and drive value, not only internally, but externally," Andrew continued, "being a part of building projects from the ground up, and working data into how we’re going to drive value out of those projects was a big inspiration for me."

As VP of Data, Andrew's job entails driving and managing Playwire's overall data strategy, which means ensuring Playwire has "the tools and resources available to meet the needs of the organization as well as the data to support any new initiatives.

With that said, Andrew believes his functions can be divided in three key areas, "data engineering, data science, and business intelligence."

Further, when asked why exactly someone might choose to partner with or work for Playwire, Andrew noted a few reasons. From the partner perspective, he said, "Playwire will always put your needs first. If you’re looking for someone that’s going to outperform the market and always be accessible then Playwire’s for you." 

From the employee perspective, Andrew, like many others, credited 'the people' as being the biggest reason to work for Playwire, "Playwire combines the brightest minds in the industry with the latest tech [allowing] us to outpace the competition!"

An Indispensable Addition to Playwire

"Andrew created Playwire's data practice from whole cloth - a practice that's now indispensable to our organization," said Playwire CTO, Nick Branstator, "it's because of his presence that Revenue Intelligence is a reality, driving dramatic CPM improvements for Playwire's publishers, and that we can offer the unparalleled analytics suite our publishers now enjoy in RAMP Platform."

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About Playwire

Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers and app developers accelerate their business by amplifying ad revenue and operating more efficiently. The company’s portfolio includes management of over 700 publisher properties, serving 70 billion impressions, and streaming more than 1.5 billion minutes of video each month. With ad monetization operations in more than a dozen countries, Playwire’s exclusive ad network publisher and partner relationships help brands to connect and engage with their desired audiences safely and authentically.