CRO Anthony Berrena Helps Lead Playwire to Another Successful Year

A global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, Playwire has built its success piece by piece, brick by brick, over the past decade and a half by building the very best team in the business. Now, more than ever before, Playwire is growing exponentially, which wouldn't be possible without the support of a variety of extraordinary Playwire team members including Chief Revenue Officer, Anthony Berrena.

Get to Know Anthony

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A Playwire team member since 2011, there is not a team that CRO, Anthony Berrena, has not worked within (okay, except finance). Beginning his career as a Business Development Associate, Anthony was quickly drawn into Playwire by the people, specifically CEO, Jayson Dubin, and Director of Business Development, Bradley Bailes, who he says, "had this energy and really believed in what they were doing," when they interviewed him for an internship opening 11+ years ago. Anthony continued, "they really were the ones who were the most enthusiastic and passionate about what they were doing and so they made me believe in it too and here I am 11 years later."

Fast forward 11 years and five promotions later, and you have Chief Revenue Officer, Anthony Berrena, whose experience across multiple departments has provided him with the most comprehensive knowledge and a unique ability to oversee many of those same teams.

As CRO, Anthony works, "directly with the Business Development team, [which is] tasked with bringing on new partners across video, display, and app." Additionally, Anthony works, "with our Yield Ops team, working with all the DSPs, SSPs, and advertisers trying to make as much revenue as possible from those partnerships so that we’re doing the best for our partners and maximizing their yield." 

In a nutshell, Anthony said, "I work in a lot of different departments at Playwire: Business Development, Sales, Yield Ops, Ad Operations, and really what I do is help our partners try to monetize better and run their businesses more efficiently."

Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Anthony's favorite part about working for Playwire is, "that we actually bring value to the people that we work with. We built something pretty unique in this industry and it answers a lot of problems for people, generates more revenue, and genuinely makes their lives easier."

Unmatched Enthusiasm and Selflessness

"Anthony Berrena and I have worked together very closely over the past decade," said Playwire CEO, Jayson Dubin, "I can confidently say that I have never met a more charismatic, hard-working individual. His enthusiasm and ability to execute are unmatched by his selfless acts of kindness. Anthony has been a valuable asset to our company and we are lucky to have him in our lives."

About the Series: Meet the People Powering Playwire

Welcome to our People Power Playwire series, which highlights all the incredible team members powering everything we do here at Playwire. Stay tuned to learn much more about the people powering Playwire!

About Playwire

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