Playwire Product Updates: Revenue Intelligence, New Demand Sources, App Configuration and Analytics

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CURrent updates

Revenue Intelligence

We recently made improvements to our Revenue Intelligence {RI} algorithm including price floor and header bidder time out automations. These updates will optimize the way that RI functions to assure maximized revenue.

Learn more about Revenue Intelligence {RI}.


React Component

Playwire has developed a React component for websites running Single Page Applications (SPAs) using React. In the future, Playwire will also release components for Angular and Vue frameworks. If these apply to you, stay tuned!


New Sources of Demand

A small but important note, we are currently adding new sources of demand for site takeovers. To learn more about how to gain proper certification to do so, please contact us.



Ad Tag Implementation

We recently updated the process for ad tag implementation and script integration making it simpler for publishers and the solution, overall smarter.

What are the benefits of this update?

  • The RAMP Platform will now automatically provide you with the ad code needed to monetize your site.
  • The script will be pre-formatted specifically for you making the overall process as simple as copy and paste.

Please keep in mind, in order for publishers to reap the benefits of this update, there are a few simple steps that need to be taken. Failure to do so may result in a disruption in the way that you see your analytics and your overall revenue stream.

Review step-by-step instructions and details information about this update by clicking here.


Dynamic Ads.txt

If you have not yet updated your ads.txt file, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing so. Taking just a few minutes to do so, some of the key benefits of updating to dynamic ads.txt, that you could miss out on, include the peace of mind of knowing your file is:

  • Always up to date
  • Valid and error-free
  • Requires little to no additional publisher maintenance

Click here to learn more about the update.


Advanced Yield Analytics Navigation

We are in the process of making updates to our Advanced Yield Analytics navigation. For those publishers with multiple websites, these updates are aimed to make it easier to switch between network and website level analytics.

Advanced Yield Analytics

App Configuration and Analytics

Keeping in line with the recent release of our Advanced Yield Analytics initiative for web publishers, we are working to make these changes synonymous across web and app. The end goal is to offer app publisher's access to the same powerful and detailed reports simply by upgrading the Playwire ad code on their app.

Additionally, we are making updates to app publisher's configuration file, which will soon be automated. This will allow us to make optimizations without having to bother publishers every single time an update needs to be made to the SDK.

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