Playwire Product Updates: 2023 Wrap-Up and a Preview of our 2024 Playbook

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Playwire’s Key 2023 Initiatives: Year in Review

All-New Faster and Smarter Ad Units

Beginning with the addition of our new in-content, sidebar, and sticky sidebar (featured below) ad units earlier this year, we took a hard look at how we could make each ad on the page work even harder for our publishers. After all, if you’re going to add an ad unit to the page, you want to get the most out of it. 


With that, we updated our dynamic ad injection so that ads don’t just sit on the screen, they adapt based on a user’s specific scroll behavior. Every visit becomes a unique, personalized experience, which in turn increases publishers and creators ability to generate even more ad revenue.


Page Performance Improvements for Increased Revenue

We introduced a variety of new ad units, all of which further help reduce content layout shift and improve ad viewability — key to improving the experience of your audience and in generating the most revenue possible.

To further improve and optimize page performance, and maximize publisher revenue, we also began packaging ad units into one ad call, rather than multiple, in order to minimize latency and total network requests.

Finally, we have optimized the bidder partners within our tech stack and added leveraged {RI} Revenue Intelligence to determine  which bidders participate in each auction, all in a continued effort to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Hashed Email API

In response to the third-party cookie-pocalypse, Playwire introduced a solution to ensure that our partners stay ahead of the data curve: Playwire's Hashed Email API.


Some of the benefits of our Hashed Email API include: 

  • Privacy law compliance
  • Multiple device and browser tracking
  • Better audience segmentation
  • Collaboration with major identity providers including LiveRamp and The Trade Desk
  • And much more!

Learn more about Playwire’s Hashed Email API.


Price Floor Controller (PFC) Expansion

In 2022, we introduced our Price Floor Controller, a scientific approach to price flooring, which dynamically changes your price floors based on each unique set of circumstances, on each impression, to maximize CPMs.

In 2023, we expanded the automation capabilities of our Price Floor Controller to not only allow unlimited price rules on display units but video ad units as well. Further, the machine learning of Playwire’s PFC accelerates the price flooring process and dynamically selects appropriate price floors as it learns with lightning speed.

Learn more about the expansive capabilities of Playwire's Price Floor Controller.

A Peek Inside Playwire’s 2024 Playbook

Touchless Onboarding

How can we make monetization effortless? Well, it all starts with onboarding. With a variety of new tools, publishers and creators of all sizes can monetize their content effectively and effortlessly.

Our mission is to ensure the harmonious integration of usability and functionality for every Playwire partner.

Learn more about touchless, simplified onboarding.


New Wordpress Plugin

The Playwire Ad Manager plugin for Wordpress will make earning revenue with ads simpler and smarter for content creators of all shapes and sizes.

By simply installing the plugin and providing your Playwire account information, Playwire's JavaScript tags will be automatically added to your website, allowing you to take full advantage of Playwire’s extensive list of monetization solutions.


Desktop App Monetization

Web and mobile app monetization has always been the focus of many ad tech companies. But, what about desktop app monetization?

While the desktop application environment is one that Playwire has existed within for many years, we continue to refine our offering to help more desktop app publishers succeed within the monetization space, an arena that has traditionally been built without them in mind.

Learn more about our solutions for desktop app publishers.


Direct Demand SDK

With the passing of each new year, the quantity of mobile users and the time spent on their phones increases. So, we’re rolling with the crowd and continuing to prioritize mobile app monetization. 

In support of our app publishers, we will continue to work to create an updated SDK to unlock even more video direct demand formats for creators. The result? Higher quality and richer media campaigns direct from premium advertisers right in your app, netting you higher CPMs.


Expanded Custom Analytics and Reporting

With Playwire’s Advanced Yield Analytics, publishers already have access to detailed ad revenue metrics and insights.


However, in 2024, we will be expanding upon publishers’ ability to build custom reports, allowing you to take an even deeper dive into tales of metrics including revenue per author, content themes, and much more.

After all, knowledge isn't just power; it’s potential.

Learn more about Advanced Yield Analytics.


Enhanced Video Player

Out with the old and in with the new. In fact, we’ve already begun our New Year’s celebrations with the early roll out of our optimized video player.

What are some of the key features of our enhanced video player? It includes a fresh new look, and overall, is faster, lighter, and more stylish. The player fits seamlessly within your content, minimizing the potential of disrupting the user experience and maximizing CPMs.

Take an even deeper dive into Playwire’s playbook including more on the key initiatives highlighted above by reviewing our 2024 Roadmap.

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