Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video ads are a lucrative way to create a unique user experience. 

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About the Ad Unit

Rewarded video gives your users a reward, or incentive (defined by you), for spending time watching a full-screen video ad. Users are prompted with the choice to watch the ad to unlock content or a reward.



Dynamically inserted based on your custom event triggers. Includes listeners for reporting and tracking.

4x RPMs

You can expect in the neighborhood of 4x the RPMs when compared to standard video ads.


Upload your own custom house ads to use as backfill.

Use Cases for
Rewarded Video

Game Monetization

Games have long been monetizing with rewarded video ads, so the practice is relatively mature in this vertical.

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Gate Access

Another common use case for rewarded video ads is for access to premium content or features. Anything you have that is highly valuable to your users is fair game.

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Paywall Subscription

Rewarded video ads offer a seamless and lucrative way to combine ad revenue and subscription revenue models for publishers.

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Freemium Models

You can allow temporary access to a freemium feature with a rewarded video ad, allowing the user to test the feature before having to pay for it.

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Premium Experiences

Another great idea is offering an improved user experience in exchange for the user watching a rewarded video ad.

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+ Many More

The sky is truly the limit. If you have something of incredible value to your users that you'd normally have them pay for, you have a candidate for rewarded video ads.

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Rewarded Video Ad FAQs

How much can you earn from rewarded video ads?

Like any other ad unit, you can expect your revenue from rewarded video ads to vary based on your audience. Many factors go into determining what rewarded video ads are capable of earning for you, including:

  • Audience size: Either your total page views as a website publisher or your daily active users as an application will have a major impact on your average CPM.
  • Geography: Like with any ad unit, the geographic location of your audience has a huge impact on your average CPM for rewarded video ads.
  • Device: The device your audience is using will also have a pretty strong impact. Rewarded video for apps has been around for quite some time, so average CPMs for mobile devices are relatively stable. For the web, many SSPs are just beginning to recognize rewarded video ads as premium inventory, and CPMs will shift as the industry starts to standardize around it.
  • Technology: Even within categories of devices, the tech used will influence CPMs. For mobile devices, iOS tends to drive higher CPMs than Android. For the web, different browsers will drive different CPMs. And for games, different formats (e.g. console, PC, etc.) will all drive different CPMs.
  • Audience data: Any information you have on the interests, behaviors, and make-up of your audience can help advertisers pinpoint the type of users they want to reach, all of which can help you command higher CPMs for your rewarded video ad units.

While each publisher should expect their potential rewarded video ad revenue to be unique to them, we have gathered some statistics to help you estimate where your revenue might fall.

In general, you can expect rewarded video ads to generate 4x the CPMs than traditional video ads deliver or more. So if you are already doing video advertising, you can expect rewarded video ads to command at least 4x higher CPMs.

How can I incorporate rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads can be incredibly lucrative, but injecting them into your user experience is as much of an art as it is a science. When adding rewarded video ads into your monetization strategy, follow these steps first:

  1. Determine what you offer users that are most valuable: Understanding which features, content, or sections of your site that offer real value to users is the most important step in the process.
  2. Pick one item to test on: Select one item of value (or one category of content) and start small. Add a rewarded video ad as a gate to entry for that particular item.
  3. Test, test, test: Make sure to exhaustively test your unit to ensure that the user experience is perfect.
  4. Watch the results: Let the test run for a couple of weeks and see how users are interacting with your rewarded video ad. Is the reward large enough to drive conversion? What is the conversion rate?
  5. Iterate: Test variations of your ad based on the results. If your conversion rate is low, you can test increasing the value of the reward or shortening the length of your ad. If your conversion rate is very high, you can test increasing the length of the video to see if you can get more from each conversion.
  6. Expand: Once you feel confident on your first test, you can expand your strategy to other user experience inflection points that you identified in step 1.

What are best practices when using rewarded video ads?

There are some key best practices that are useful to know as you are first working rewarded video ads into your user experience that will help ensure success on your first go.

  1. Make the reward worthwhile.
  2. Make the experience clear and straightforward.
  3. Clearly articulate the expected reward to the user.
  4. Take over the full screen when displaying the video ad.
  5. Test different video lengths.
  6. Make sure you can employ custom triggers.
  7. Use house ads for backfill.

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