Key Points

  • GAM 360 is the premium, paid version of Google Ad Manager (GAM).
  • While Google Ad Manager is a great tool for almost every publisher looking to monetize with advertising, GAM 360 is the natural second step once you begin to see your ad revenue plateau using only GAM.
  • Playwire is a GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner) that can help you unlock the very best of Google Ad Manager and GAM 360, while also providing proprietary technology to take your revenue to the next level.

Google Ad Manager is an essential component of any ad tech stack. But when the dreaded revenue plateau occurs, you’re going to ask yourself “what comes next?”

The answer: GAM 360.

GAM 360 is the premium, paid version of Google Ad Manager. While GAM 360 provides access to tools and features unavailable in Google Ad Manager, that doesn’t mean:

  1. that you need all those features,
  2. that you’ll have the team members and resources to take advantage of them, and
  3. that you’ll even qualify to use the platform.

Let’s be clear, GAM 360 may have exactly the features you need to get to the next level. You just may not have all the internal tools or knowledge required to utilize them. However, there are ways to unlock GAM 360 features without a total DIY play.

Let’s talk through the differences between Google Ad Manager vs GAM 360. Then, we’ll let you know how to access all the perks of these highly effective Google products.

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GAM 360 Features

While there isn’t much detail on exactly what the differences are between GAM and GAM 360 publicly available from Google, we can provide an overview of the different features available in GAM 360:

Here’s some of GAM 360's sweet sauce —

  • Access to more demand
  • Integrated demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Dynamic allocation support
  • Private marketplace connectivity
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools (Google Analytics)
  • Expanded ad format inventory

You may think, “uh, Playwire, that sounds similar to stuff in my free GAM account.” And you’re right! Much of this you already get in the free version of Google Ad Manager. The main difference is in the volume of use you get access to for each feature. 

If you’re in it to scale it, it’s worth looking into….

Unified Pricing Rules

Unified Pricing Rules is how Google refers to GAM’s price floor controls. It’s the criteria you set for how your ad inventory is sold. Price floors prevent your ad units from being sold for less than your minimum amount.

In standard GAM, there’s a limit of 100 unified pricing rules per network

In Google Ad Manager 360, you get about double that amount.

If you’re new to price floors and pricing rules, 200 might sound like a lot, but let’s look at the math: with just five ad units and five sets of criteria for five different browser options, you’d be looking at tens of thousands of unique pricing rules.

Since you almost certainly have more than a handful of ad units and criteria, more pricing rules = better.

Here at Playwire, we recognized this quantity issue in regard to price floors and we believe we have developed a solution that will revolutionize the use of Unified Pricing Rules in order to maximize your ad revenue. Learn more about Playwire’s proprietary Price Floor Controller!




Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teams is a GAM 360 feature that allows you to limit and control how users access different elements of Ad Manager by assigning them to appropriate teams.

Some features that can be restricted include —

  • Advertisers and buyers
  • Proposals and orders
  • Inventory
  • Suggested ad units

In assigning users to teams, you streamline each team’s process and limit the potential for errors, privacy breaches, and delays.

More control over user access = fewer headaches for you.

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The Publisher's Guide to Google Ad Manager and GAM 360

Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions is another feature that is only available in GAM 360. The targeting functionalities available in Audience Solutions are leagues better than in standard Google Ad Manager.

Audience segments are a huge value driver for your advertisers. 

Here’s how it will go —

  1. You offer data-driven custom audience lists during your negotiations 
  2. Advertisers see they’ll have an easier time reaching their target demographic 
  3. Your ad inventory value skyrockets 

The best part: audience targeting through GAM 360 is designed to target a specific demographic, no matter where they are on your page or app. So if a user interested in travel is consuming sports content on your platform, they can still be targeted with travel ads.


Segmented audience management = ad success.

This is yet another feature that only comes in handy only if you have the team to mobilize it. Without a full direct sales team working on pitching you to direct advertisers, there isn’t much you can gain from this toolset.

Video Solutions Features

Regular Google Ad Manager users get access to most Video Solutions features but there are a few that are exclusive to GAM 360.

  • Podding (grouping relevant ads together)
  • More defined rules for video ad units
  • Video ad creative profiles
  • Audio creative profiles
  • Content ingestion (CMS integration support for better insights)
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Partner management
  • YouTube cross-selling
  • Better audience measurement features
  • More ad formats

Video killed the radio star. Any advantage in video ads = an advantage to you.

Access GAM 360 Features by Working With a GCPP

Ready to sign up for GAM 360? 

Not to be a bummer, but you probably can’t.

“But wait, whyyyyyy raise my hopes…?”

Here are the facts:

Google Ad Manager 360 is only available to a select group, we’re talking only the massive, top-tier publisher. Even if you did submit a request and qualify for the platform, you’d be looking at an overwhelming amount of work to manage and optimize everything available to you.

Ultimately, it might not be worth the resources you’d need to take advantage of it all.

But here’s why we raised your hopes: there IS a solution.

Google Certified Publishing Partners exist. 

By working with a GCPP, you can gain access to all the GAM 360 features and tools you need without the associated costs or management headaches.

You just need a friend with benefits.

Here’s how it works: Being a GCPP means having access to all kinds of premium tools and benefits of GAM 360. Your chosen GCPP will work with you to develop an understanding of what tools will work best for you. Based on your needs, they then give you access to the exact GAM 360 features you need to maximize your ad revenue.

Oh, in case you weren’t already aware, Playwire is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. 

Your BFF for GAM 360.

Get in the Friend Zone: Playwire GAM 360 Tools and More

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