At Playwire, publishers and content creators are our top priority. We work hard every single day to innovate and drive higher and higher revenue for those who work with us. We would love to offer our services to every publisher and creator in the market today, even those on the smaller end of the spectrum, but we aren’t quite there yet.

We do have some very exciting product developments in the works to serve a much more expansive group of publishers (which we will be announcing very soon!), but today our products and services are best fit for medium-to-large publishers.

Why? Because we want you to have the ROI you deserve. There are different stages of publisher maturity, and ultimately, different solutions make sense at different stages. 

Today, we find that we are the best fit for medium-to-large publishers and creators because of risk-reward and effort-reward tradeoffs that kick in when you grow past a certain point. Below, we’ll go through different stages of growth you might find yourself in, and help articulate the solutions that typically make the most sense in each stage.

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Small to Medium Sized Publishers

Let’s start by defining who fits into this category. Small to medium-sized publishers are websites or blogs with less than 50K monthly pageviews or apps with fewer than 10,000 daily active users.

Newer publishers tend to fit into this category as they are getting up and running. Early on in the life of a website, app or other digital property, your margins will be thin and your goal will be increasing your audience.

In this stage, you may be back and forth on the idea of even having ads on your website. When looking to build an audience, it is sometimes best to focus on the user experience and content of the site first. Many sites and apps choose not to even place ads at this stage, until they’ve done the groundwork of building up their audience.

At the higher end of this range, it often starts to make sense to start monetizing with ads. In this phase, the best possible bet for your own ROI is to keep things simple with something like Google AdSense or AdMob. At this size, you won’t have a ton of moving parts to keep track of, and keeping every dollar of your revenue will be important.

Keep in mind that at this size, even using a tool like Google AdSense, you shouldn’t be expecting to bring in a whole lot more than $100 or $200 per month in ad revenue.

Mid-Market Publishers

Again, let’s start by defining who fits into this category. Mid-market publishers are websites or blogs with between 50K and 1M pageviews or apps with between 10,000 and 100,000 daily active users.

In this stage, you’ll find that you’re starting to spend a ton of time on ad management and have to weigh the choice between building out a full ad ops team or outsourcing ad management. Your ad tech stack starts to grow exponentially in complexity if you choose to manage it yourself in this stage of growth, and your focus gets pulled away from content production and audience development.

This is when you really start to see the ROI of a platform like Playwire’s RAMP® Platform. The amount of time and effort you’ll have to invest to get the right ad tech stack and ad ops team off the ground is fairly significant, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get it right (in fact it usually takes quite a bit of trial and error to get it right).

At this stage, the ad revenue you can bring in from your audience has significantly increased, but so too has the cost to manage the ads producing it. This is when you’ll find that you’ll actually make far more profit from your ads by using Playwire than managing them in-house, due to the steep initial investment of building out a team.

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Enterprise Publishers

The players that fit here are websites with more than 1M pageviews or apps with more than 100,000 daily active users.

Typically if a publisher fits into this category they’ve already selected a path between building an in-house team or using an outsourced ad management provider. At this stage, you may find that either path is more fitting to your needs and could be ready to make a change.

You’ll want to consider all of the following factors:


Here you are likely struggling with a very complex and “bolted-together” ad tech stack with a menagerie of overlapping tools and technologies. Choosing a platform like Playwire’s RAMP® Platform takes the management and constant maintenance of this off your team’s plate. 

It also reduces your investment in these tools. RAMP® comes with all of the following technology built-in, at a significantly reduced “cost of ownership” for you when compared with purchasing all of these tools yourself:

  • Header bidding
  • Consent Management Platform (CMP)
  • Ad serving
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Hashed Email API
  • Video player
  • Identity solutions
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Brand safety and quality solutions


You’ll likely already have an ad ops team of some kind in-house, no matter what your previous solution. The choices you are weighing here are typically how much you continue to invest in growing that team and allowing the resources you have to spend time on the most valuable efforts.

RAMP® removes much of the “relationship management” or “putting out the fire” types of tasks that inevitably fall on ad ops teams. Chasing down bad ads, managing relationships with each SSP or demand source you integrate, and troubleshooting the various problems that arise on a daily basis isn’t the best use of your in-house team. 

Choosing a solution like RAMP® frees those valuable resources to focus on growing your business and, ultimately, significantly increasing your revenue.

Yield and Revenue Intelligence®

Playwire’s proprietary Revenue Intelligence® {RI} algorithm maximizes yield on every impression without taking any time from you. RI is a machine learning-based AI algorithm that adjusts and fine-tunes thousands of settings across the ad tech stack, in milliseconds, on each and every ad impression you generate.

You can read more about the team and technology that supports RI in this in-depth article, but, in a nutshell, RI means you make the most of each impression without having to invest time in doing so. The size of the team that you’d ultimately have to build to achieve this internally would be cost-prohibitive, or you’d have to invest in building out AI technology to get the same level of revenue uplift.

Direct Sales

As a publisher of this size, you may already be conducting direct deals and have a direct sales team of your own built out, or you may not. One of the many reasons publishers of this size choose to work with Playwire is the access they get to premium brand dollars through our global direct sales team.

Building the necessary relationships to drive significant revenue from a direct sales team takes quite a while, so publishers often find that onboarding with Playwire gets them access to more of this premium demand, faster. You can read more about all of the benefits of Playwire’s direct sales team in this article.

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We’ll Be Here When You’re Ready

As a brand, Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers accelerate their business by amplifying ad revenue and streamlining operations. How we can best help you achieve those two goals is directly related to where you are right now. 

The most important thing to us is providing you the ROI you deserve. 

If you’re a small to medium-sized publisher and not fit for the RAMP® Platform just yet, we are here to provide detailed, technical content on how you can improve your ad revenue and simplify operations. And, right this very minute, our engineering team is busy working on a set of products just for you!

If you are a mid-market or enterprise publisher, the platform we have today may well help solve some of the challenges you’re facing and help increase your ad revenue. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us online.

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