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The DIY spirit is strong in publishers. You had to build your brand and audience from the ground up, and that took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. You’ve got a lot to be proud of, but don’t let pride waste your time and create more problems for you when you decide to implement video advertising on your site or app.

You can go DIY for video ads, but that doesn’t mean you should. A turnkey platform can provide all the benefits of video advertising without all the hassle of trying to do everything yourself.

Still not convinced? Keep reading. In this post, we’ll walk you through the seven key benefits of using a video advertising platform.

Playwire’s RAMP technology includes one of the best video ad platforms on the market today, and we’re constantly making it even better. Want to check it out? Get in touch with our team.

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A Video Advertising Platform Can Save You Money

We all know that there’s money in video ads. In fact, video ad spend is expected to top $92 million in 2021, and year-over-year growth is projected at 12.24%. But what many publishers don’t know is how expensive it can be to actually set up video advertising on their site or app.

If you go the DIY route, you have to create video content, purchase a video ad player and pay someone to find advertising demand. That’s all quite costly. Then, you have to put everything together on your site, and it’s likely that you’ll have to pay a developer handsomely to take that onerous task off your plate.

Enter the humble video advertising platform. You paste a couple of lines of code on your site, and you’re done. That is, you’re done if you choose a platform that provides studio-quality, on-brand video content and maintains relationships with all the major demand partners (like Playwire!).

Save Time With a Video Ads Platform

If you’re like most publishers who have ventured into video ads before you, when you know you’re ready to start, you’re ready. You’re not interested in waiting months to get everything set up

Unfortunately, doing it yourself takes time. Finding demand, choosing a video player and updating your site — not to mention creating halfway decent video content — takes a lot of time. If you need your revenue to increase now or you’re just excited to enter the next phase, that’s not time you have to waste.

A good video ad platform will do what usually takes months in just days. Implementation and setup should be engineered for ease and speed on your end. That’s what we’ve done with Playwire’s RAMP platform, and we can’t emphasize enough how much publishers love it.

Get Access to Video Advertising Expertise

You’re an expert in your vertical. And if you already create video content, you are probably an expert in video production. But video advertising goes well beyond your vertical or simply creating engaging videos. To do it right, you have to understand programmatic advertising, video header bidding and ad sales. 

Publishers are already expected to wear a lot of different hats, but if you choose a turnkey video ad platform like Playwire’s, you can leave a bunch of those extra hats on the hat rack.

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Video Ad Platforms Connect You with Global Demand

Without demand for your video ad inventory, your video advertising efforts won’t take you very far at all. The whole idea is to actually sell ad placements. If you’re not doing that, what are you doing?

It’s probably obvious to you that you have to secure some demand. You likely already know that you need to shop around for video ad exchanges to find advertisers who would like to purchase your video inventory. That takes a lot of time, of course, and it’s a hit-or-miss game that can leave big holes in your revenue strategy.

At Playwire, we have developed relationships with dozens of video ad demand partners around the world. When you join our platform, you get access to that global demand instantly.

Direct Sales Boosts Your Video Advertising Platform ROI

When used in combination with programmatic sales, direct video ad sales can take your revenue streams to incredible new heights. But trying to manage a direct sales strategy and team while you’re handling all the moving parts of video ads on your site or app is like asking a runner to climb a mountain when they’ve just finished a marathon.

Don’t do that to yourself. There’s no need to. The top video advertising platforms like RAMP know how important direct sales are to a well-rounded video ad revenue strategy, so they manage their own direct sales teams to keep your ad revenue going up.

Your Platform Can Help You Keep Up

Video advertising is heavy on tech, and the tech involved changes all the time. Every week, the video ad industry is buzzing with some new development, a search engine algorithm change, new ad laws or something similar.

If you’re exhausted just thinking about trying to keep up with all of that, you’re not alone. Thousands of publishers are in the same boat, but Playwire’s video ad platform is in the near distance and waving you ashore. Our video ad experts love this stuff, so we keep up with it. And we make sure our publishers are always up to date.

Video Ad Tech Problems Aren’t Your Problem

Between your video player, your header bidding wrapper, your video ad server and your site or app on the whole, there’s a lot that can break when you’re doing video ads. And trust us — if it can break, it will break eventually. 

If you’re doing video ads all by yourself, it’s your problem when things break. But if you’re working with a strong platform, you don’t have to worry about it. When things break for Playwire publishers, we fix them in hours or even minutes. That’s often before publishers even realize something isn’t working.

Playwire: The Leading Video Advertising Platform

Let’s be clear about something: not all video advertising platforms provide these benefits, but Playwire’s does. We’ve worked hard for years to build an agile, simple and effective platform that makes video advertising easy for publishers who want to take their revenue into new territory.

There’s no reason to wait. We’re ready to bring you into the fold. All you have to do is let us know you’re ready, too. Just contact us online!.

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