Key Points

  • Google Ad Manager is a great jumping-off point for beginner and intermediate publishers just starting out on their ad monetization journey.
  • While GAM 360 offers more sophisticated features, there is a high barrier to entry and a cost to do so, so typically only publishers who have both hit a revenue plateau with GAM and have the budget to utilize all GAM 360’s features will be able to truly benefit from it.
  • Working with a monetization partner like Playwire unlocks access to all the tools you need to reach the next level, while also providing the support and resources you need to optimize a complex ad tech stack.

In terms of ad tech tools for publishers, Google has set the standard. If you don’t believe us, just Google it.

Almost everyone gets their start in Google AdSense. And no ad tech solution — from beginner to advanced — is complete without Google Ad Manager (GAM).

That being said, no advertising platform is perfect. The same holds true for Google Ad Manager. If you’re working with GAM and GAM alone, you will definitely limit yourself and your potential for more ad revenue. And, while the next step in the Google advertising platform tier is GAM 360, publishers typically need a friendly partner to make that work.

Check out our article on GAM 360 to learn why.

So, when you start feeling limited or restricted by GAM, what then? How do you know when you need more than just Google Ad Manager?

In this article, we’ll go over the telltale signs that you’re ready to level up. We’ll also touch on a few of your options.

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The Time is… Now?

Using just Google Ad Manager is great for beginner and intermediate publishers, but pretty quickly, the platform’s limitations could hold you back from your best and brightest ad performance future. 

For instance….

Google Ad Manager has limits on the number of unified pricing rules you can create (this limit is currently 200 in GAM 360, and even lower on standard GAM). If you’re new to price floor rules, that may sound like a lot. Let us assure you, it’s not. 

For reference, the average Playwire-partnered publisher is using about 1.2 million unique pricing rules, visualized below, with our proprietary Price Floor Controller technology.

PFC Dynamic Changes WideSince unified pricing rules can help you get more for your ad inventory, logically more = better (so long as they aren’t interfering with each other).

In case that feels vague or less important, let’s talk bottom line. No one’s ignoring plateaued revenue, which is exactly what will happen when you start thump-bumping into the limits of GAM capabilities.

Here are some other signs you’re ready to add something more to your existing GAM capabilities —

Hitting the upper limits on tools in GAM = performance threat. If you find yourself wanting any of these features or capabilities, it’s time to explore additional options.

The solutions are all accessible in GAM 360 by partnering with a Google Certified Publishing Partner. So, choose the right partner, and get ready to lift off.

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Google Ad Manager Pillar

The Publisher's Guide to Google Ad Manager and GAM 360

Google Ad Manager to GAM 360

The first option many publishers think about when they begin to outgrow Google Ad Manager is GAM 360, the fancy pants, premium, paid version of the platform. 

Here are some of the features you’ll get if you upgrade —

  • More unified pricing rules
  • More demand
  • Integrated demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Support with dynamic allocation
  • Audience Solutions (advanced audience management, targeting, and segmentation)
  • Private marketplace connectivity
  • Enhanced video ad units and features
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Expanded ad format inventory
  • Access to Teams (permissions and access controls for your users)

While GAM 360 has additional features, demand, and tools, it’s reserved for VIP. In other words, the barrier to entry is significant. We’re talking top-tier publishers who have reached significant traffic numbers. 

Even if you did qualify for GAM 360, the learning curve and pricing are steep, making GAM 360 both major work and a major investment.

So you’re in line for this must-have, only to roll up and face an expensive cover fee. 

But what if we told you there was another door? Same building, better experience, but open to you without the extra upfront charge?

Bonus: it has top-shelf everything: view, service, and access to a bunch of other exclusive tools and experiences.

Unlock Exclusive Features: GAM 360 and More

We’re describing what you get with a Google Certified Publishing Partner. 

If you can’t get into GAM 360 on your own cred, you get access with theirs. 

When you work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner, your partner has the entry pass. They’ll connect you with the features that are best suited for you through their own instance of GAM 360. 

And by “they,” we mean us. We are they. Them. The partner you need.

You’ll be our eternal plus one, with us providing you with the support you need to actually take advantage of those premium features.

More features + less stress = optimized ad monetization.

Hey, Plus One — You Ready to Level Up Your Ad Revenue With Playwire?

If you’re ready to imagine possibilities beyond Google Ad Manager, we’re ready to help you.

At Playwire, we can provide you with access to all the Google Ad Manager features you need. In addition, our RAMP Platform can simplify your ad tech stack, while our range of specialized teams (made up of skilled, dedicated humans) work tirelessly to maximize your ad revenue.

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