Marisa Moolsiri Leads Kids Partnerships at Playwire

A global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, Playwire has built it's success piece by piece, brick by brick, over the past decade and a half by building the very best team in the business. Now, more than ever before, Playwire is growing exponentially, which wouldn't be possible without the support of a variety of extraordinary Playwire team members including Sr. Sales Director and Head of Kids Partnerships, Marisa Moolsiri

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A Playwire team member for just over seven years, Marisa Moolsiri joined the team in April of 2015 as an Account Executive. Since then, Marisa has received numerous promotions, working her way into her current role as Sr. Sales Director, Kids Partnerships. In her role, Marisa's focus is on the kids advertisers that Playwire works with as well as connecting publishers across the kids space, and making recommendations for different campaign points in order to reach specific audiences.

Education and exploration are also a major part of what Marisa's role entails as the leader of our kids partnership initiatives. "The Metaverse is the big buzz word in the industry [right now]," explained Marisa, "so being able to educate advertisers about [the available] opportunities that have been around for a while but are just now being explored [is so important]."  

When asked to describe why Playwire's Direct Sales offering is so unique, Marisa said, "A lot of times, people are not looking to work with ad networks where ad inventory is just getting thrown everywhere," continuing, "having direct partnerships in place allows us as a direct sales team to really go out there and represent you and allows us to really self grow your site and what you have to offer."

Further, these exclusive partnerships across such a wide set of partners affords Playwire the ability to help brands reach kids and families throughout their day, and keeps our advertising partners top of mind for when it matters most.

"Playwire does a really good job of controlling the entire ad stack. We have a direct sales team and a lot of other competitors in this space don’t have direct sales that are actually the line of communication to advertisers to help monetize your website," said Marisa.

"Marisa has been a foundational part of our sales team for a very long time," said Global EVP of Direct Sales, Anthony Alexander, "She has the power of the woo, she is relatable, empathetic, and is always going the extra distance for both our advertising and publishing partners. Every year she pushes the boundaries of what we think is possible together, and I can't wait to see the amazing things she will achieve for our Kids partners as she steps into this role."

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