Key Points

  • What is it? Playwire’s Data Segments are pre-built custom segments you can use through all major DSPs and data marketplaces for campaign targeting that generates out-of-this-world results.
  • What makes them special? They are highly granular data segments, built from first party data collected from over 500 exclusive publisher relationships, that have achieved proven results for advertisers for over 15 years.
  • How do you get it? Jump to the instructions at the end to find out how to target your campaigns using Playwire data on all major DSPs and data marketplaces.

For advertisers, data is an invaluable tool when it comes to reaching the right audience. The right audience being defined as the actual target of the campaign, that converts to sales or generates the highest brand awareness, among several other metrics. 

The most effective audience segments are built from a variety of data sources and types of data collection. After all, the more granularity, the more effective the segment.

For the first time ever, in our 15+ years of company history, Playwire is offering our previously exclusive internal data as its own standalone solution to media buyers and traders. 

This new data solution offers access to first-party data from more than 500 exclusive Playwire publishers, 180+ audience segments, and a team of ad tech experts, who are managing and growing the quantity and quality of our segments each and every day.

Why have we decided to offer data as its own solution? There are a number of unique benefits to utilizing Playwire’s data and custom audience segments as well as a number of ways that you can get access to this data immediately.

Buckle up, we’re about to take you on a wild ride through all that our new data and audience solution has to offer. And, we assure you, you’ll want to take it for a spin yourself before we’re done here.

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What are the Unique Benefits of Playwire’s Data Solution?

Since Playwire’s inception over 15 years ago, our exclusive data and targeting capabilities have been key ingredients in our recipe for success in the ad tech industry. As far as our direct sales efforts go, data has always been the cornerstone of Playwire’s ability to deliver performance and brand awareness for agencies and advertisers by reaching the right audiences.

Today, for the first time ever, we are proud to offer advertisers direct access to this data as a standalone solution for incredible audience targeting.

Why, you ask? The simple answer is ‘because it's awesome’. The lengthier answer is ‘because we have the unique ability to provide brands with deeply impactful first-party data captured across a vast portfolio of publishers, which span a number of differing verticals and demographics’.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what makes our data so unique.

Exclusive Access to First-Party Data

Playwire’s portfolio of partnerships spans more than 500 publisher websites and applications. Due to Playwire’s on-page script location on each site, this translates to the collection and storage (in Playwire’s proprietary DMP) of first-party data from more than 350 million unique users across all different types of verticals and demographics (more on this below).

From there, our Data Management Platform takes this data, enriches it with additional data points previously known about these users, stores it, and later segments it for targeting.

With a large portfolio of publishers that have accumulated over nearly two decades of experience in the space and a proven track-record for running quality campaigns based on our data, Playwire has developed a recipe for success that most other data providers simply cannot replicate.

To learn more about how Playwire's DMP is changing the way we manage and utilize first-party data, click here.


Full-Stack Data Integration

Using Playwire’s pre-built audience segments immediately gets you access to data you can be confident in. From collection through direct publisher integrations, to storage in neatly packaged IAB and custom segments, Playwire’s data is iron clad. Not to mention, you’ll be able to reach fully consented audiences (managed by our Consent Management Platform). 

Playwire’s built-in CMP requires consent information where applicable to ensure all involved parties are working with data that is compliant with federal laws, such as CCPA and GDPR, as well as all state-by-state and international regulations, which are increasing quickly and becoming more strict by the day.


A Team of Data Experts

Spoiler Alert: DMPs aren’t as smart as they might seem. 

Without very specific inputs and settings being built into a DMP, it essentially functions like a walk-in closet. Hear us out.

That large, walk-in closet is tremendous for storage and being able to see everything you want and need to, however, no matter how big and fancy that walk-in closet is, it will never be able to sort out your mess of clothing or pick out the perfect outfit based on the weather for you. Sorry, Cher’s closet from Clueless still isn’t a real thing.


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The same is true for the data being stored inside a DMP. It won’t really do anything…until you tell it to.

At Playwire, we have a team of data experts constantly updating the features and functionalities of our DMP, inputting specific processes, building custom audience segments, and further instructing it on exactly what we want it to do.


Additionally, because Playwire developed our own proprietary DMP, we are able to take a significantly more hands-on approach, resulting in more immediate feature updates in contrast to working with a third-party DMP where you need to jump through hoops to get anywhere near what you want or need from your data solution.

A Healthy Combination of IAB and Custom Audience Segments

A DMP is only as good as its ability to segment data, and you guessed it, Playwire’s DMP is one of the very best at this.

Our audience segments are based on the IAB standard content and audience taxonomy, but we also take it a step further with custom segments built based on proprietary first-party data and those direct publisher integrations that we have talked so much about.

For example, while the IAB may have an audience segment for “Gaming”, a vertical in which Playwire has many publishers, our data offers the ability to not only access data about who does and doesn’t like gaming, but also what types of games. 

Oh, you’re also interested in knowing the exact game those gaming enthusiasts are playing? No problem. We offer detailed custom segments for a number of popular games.


We also have access to first-party data within a vertical that currently has very little quality data across the market: real estate. Through our exclusive partnership with Redfin, Playwire has been able to tap into a goldmine of real estate data.

Are you interested in reaching audiences that include only those looking for vacation rentals? We have a custom segment for those users. What about users that are interested in renting, but who are specifically in the market for a house rather than an apartment. We have a segment for that, as well. And the list goes on…and on.




Playwire currently has 180+ behavioral and interest-based audience segments built across verticals including gaming, sports, movies and entertainment, real estate, home and garden, technology, business and finance, health, automotive, education, food and drink…and much more.

How to Access Playwire’s High-Impact Audience Segments

As mentioned, in order to access Playwire’s data and audience segments in the past, you needed to have an exclusive partnership with Playwire, which included running media on one of Playwire’s publishers’ sites. 

Not anymore.

Let’s break down the different ways you can access Playwire’s high-impact audience segments including –

  • Programmatically through all major Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) for activation on all forms of digital media campaigns
  • Through LiveRamp’s marketplace (Access inside LiveRamp OR through your chosen social media platform’s campaign tool (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) by requesting the desired segment via your LiveRamp integration)
  • As part of Google Ad Manager’s Audience product
  • By purchasing Playwire’s massive pool of data directly for usage on Playwire campaigns on our exclusive properties

If you are interested in purchasing Playwire’s data and unique audience segments for personal use, please contact us directly to learn more.

Accessing Playwire’s Data Through a DSP

Playwire’s data is currently available through all major DSPs including, but not limited to, DV360, The Trade Desk, Xandr, and MediaMath. If you are integrated with any of these platforms, here’s how to access Playwire’s data.

  1. In your DSP, head to the third-party audience section.
  2. Choose to add a third-party data set to your targeting options.
  3. Look up ‘Playwire’. Media buyers or traders can select from our segments.
  4. On the campaign, target the appropriate Playwire segments.

Once you make a segment selection, you can see the cost to utilize that segment (i.e. $1 per CPM), which is later tacked onto the standard cost of the campaigns you are running.

Accessing Playwire’s Data Through LiveRamp

If you don’t see ‘Playwire’ in your DSP listings, you can also ask your account rep for access through LiveRamp’s open marketplace.

Once you’ve located Playwire’s data (hint: just search “Playwire”), you can take one of two paths: utilize the custom segments we’ve already built or, if you are utilizing LiveRamp to store your website or application’s data, you can match Playwire’s data against your own to develop an entirely new targeting strategy.

You can also request our audience segments through LiveRamp on all major social media platforms. This is done by making a formal request to LiveRamp from inside the campaign management tool of your chosen social media platform. 

Our data is then mapped against the data that is accessible through that social media platform, creating an overlap that allows advertisers to reach our audiences on the desired social media platform.

Accessing Playwire’s Data Through Google Ad Manager

If you utilize Google Ad Manager 360, which is Google Ad Manager’s premium paid version, and you have the Audience feature enabled, customers can utilize Playwire’s data and audience segments. If you are a GAM 360 user, here’s how to access Playwire’s data sets –

  1. Inside your GAM 360 dashboard, move along the left-side of your navigation until you locate ‘Inventory’.
  2. Under the ‘Inventory’ tab, select ‘Audience’.
  3. Within the ‘Audience’ section, select ‘Third-Party’, and search for ‘Playwire’.
  4. Within your line item, under ‘targeting’, add ‘custom targeting’.
  5. Finally, select ‘Audience Segments’ and then add the desired Playwire Audience segment for targeting.

Data Today, the Moon Tomorrow

Playwire is always looking for new, innovative ways to help advance the ad tech industry as well as to further bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers. Our new data solution takes us one step closer.

Accessing Playwire’s first-party data and unique custom audience segments can provide advertisers with user insights like never before. The result? Less media waste, better targeting, and higher overall engagement. The result for publishers? Quality ad campaigns featuring brands that visitors actually want to see.

Interested to learn more about our data solution? Get in touch with a Playwire data expert today.

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