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Playwire Reviews on Reddit

Let's just start with those unbiased third party reviews. To give you unbiased reviews, we'll send you over to Reddit, where you know you'll find people willing to say the whole truth.

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Playwire Reviews on G2

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Playwire Case Studies

Now that you've seen what Reddit has to say, you are welcome to look through some of our case studies to see some real-world results some of our publishers have achieved.

Sandbox & Co

17M PVs • Kids • Entertainment


Sandbox & Co is focused on bringing families and educators the best digital experiences in a safe environment.

  • 150% Revenue Growth
  • 30% Reduction in Operational Expenses

“Our relationship with Playwire started two years ago and since day one, we have seen an impact on our revenue through better direct sales management, yield management and management of our ad stack. They have worked collaboratively at each and every step of the way to improve our metrics across viewability, fill rates, and CPM/RPMs. They have tools, technologies and capabilities available that we never would have access to, like video open bidding. Playwire made it possible for us. ”

- Abhi Arya, Co-Founder of Sandbox & Co.


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200M PVs • Entertainment


Letterboxd is a global social network for grass-roots film discussion and discovery with both web and app interfaces.

  • 200% Yield Increase
  • 50% Higher CPMs on Direct Sales 


“We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.”

- David Larkin, Strategy and Business Development at Letterboxd


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876M PVs • Gaming

chess-logo-case-study-outer hosts more than ten million chess games every day and is home to more than 50 million players.

  • 230% Increase in Ad Revenue
  • Immediate 20% Boost Upon Implementation


“The revenue impact that Playwire delivered was truly incredible. With such a smooth setup, we were blown away with the full solution they brought to the table from direct sales, revenue amplification to analysis.”

- Brenan Klain at


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86M PVs • Kids • Gaming

partner-logo-abcya is a leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.

  • 89% Increase in Ad Revenue
  • 547% Increase in CPM on Direct Sales


"Playwire increased revenue so much they almost immediately paid for themselves, and then began driving additional profit for ABCya."

- Lisa Tortolani, Vice President, ABCya


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Math Playground

14M PVs • Kids • Gaming

math playground feature-1

Math Playground provides students with a way to practice their math skills in a safe, fun environment.

  • Eliminated Ad Management Overhead
  • Accelerated Business Growth


“Playwire is truly a partner. They listen to publishers’ concerns and do their best to respond in a way that makes the publisher happy. I’m very grateful for Playwire’s commitment to Math Playground, and Math Playground is passionately committed to Playwire. I can’t imagine publishing without Playwire — that’s how integral it is."

- Colleen King, Founder & CEO, Math Playground


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30M PVs • Gaming


Raider.IO is a World of Warcraft (WoW) Mythic+ and Raid Progression rankings site with upwards of 30 Million pageviews per month.

  • Immediate 50% Increase in Ad Revenue
  • Addition of Direct Sales and New Ad Units


“Early indicators show that switching to Playwire has effectively increased our ad revenue by about 50%.”

- Jah Raphael, Owner and Founder, Raider.IO


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500K PVs • Entertainment


GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is a premium publisher of in-depth content on the world of the future in technology, science, and entertainment.

  • 110% Increase in Average Pageview CPM
  • 568% Higher CPMs for Video Units


“From day one, Playwire has always delivered me exactly what they’ve told me they were going to.”



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Letterboxd App


The Letterboxd app allows access to a global social network for grass-roots film discussion and discovery.

  • 2,433% Increase in App Ad Revenue
  • Increase from 1 to 9 Sources of Demand


“Letterboxd had huge potential for revenue amplification - they have a huge reach and a deep understanding of their fanbase. By implementing a combination of header bidding, ad monetization, audience segmentation and direct sales we helped them realize that potential in their app as well as their website.”

Jayson Dubin, CEO at Playwire


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