Key Points

  • Google AdSense is an accessible, affordable, and efficient way for a website owner to start earning ad revenue.
  • There is a long list of factors that could determine how much you earn from AdSense, but the features required to earn more revenue are fairly limited with AdSense alone.
  • Working with an ad monetization partner like Playwire is the best way to maximize your earning potential.

Cheddar. Lettuce. Bread. Bacon.

No, we’re not talking about lunch. We’re talking about $$$. In particular: how to make it with Google AdSense.

Although now that we think of it, earning money online with AdSense is a lot like making a sandwich. There are a bunch of ingredients and techniques, and each will result in a different flavor-tastic result.

In this scenario, flavors = dollar dollar bills, ya’ll. And we’re here to teach you how to get the tastiest payout.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about earning money with Google AdSense. Keep reading to become a lunch…sorry, revenue amplifying, wizard.

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Can You Make Money With Google AdSense?

First things first, forming your entire revenue strategy around Google AdSense isn’t always a recipe for success, depending on where you are in your monetization journey. There are quite a few limitations to what you can do that make it impossible to truly maximize your revenue potential, but it’s a terrific starting point.

In an AdSense kitchen, you only have a few tools and ingredients, but you can cook up the classics: PB & J, toasted western, and egg salad. They’re simple to make, you don’t need much, and they’re crowd-pleasers.

Google AdSense allows you to start monetizing instantly. It gives you the basics that most publishers need. It also automates most of the technical stuff, which flattens the learning curve a bit.

So, yes, you can make money in Google AdSense, but not much. As we said, it’s a great place to start, but if you want to bring home the bacon, you’ll need to up your game. We’re talking Philly cheesesteaks, artisan grilled cheeses, and Caprese paninis.

To do that, you need more tools and ingredients. Not to mention technical know-how. That’s why most publishers who are serious about monetization team up with a revenue partner fairly soon in their journey.

(Not to brag, but some of our partners who came from AdSense have seen instant revenue increases, some as large as 65%.)

How Much Does Google AdSense Pay?

Because every publisher is different, it’s not easy to predict how much you could earn from Google AdSense. The platform’s revenue calculator is a good place to start, but your actual numbers could vary dramatically based on a ton of variables.

The variables in question —

  • Your traffic
  • Your content
  • Your visitors
  • Your ad tech setup
  • Advertiser’s bids
  • Clicks, impressions, and other ad interaction metrics (measured through Google Analytics)

Just like any sandwich shop, the price of a tuna melt will vary, factoring in the quality of ingredients, shop location, and local competition. 

Here are a few things we can tell you, though —

  • Google AdSense is free to use (there is no subscription fee).
  • Publishers placing ad units next to content on their site keep 68% of the revenue earned.
  • Publishers using AdSense for search keep 51% of the revenue earned.

These three figures are consistent for all publishers, regardless of location or enterprise size.

The only way to know how much Google AdSense will pay you is by creating a Google AdSense account and using the platform. It’s a great place for beginners to get started with monetization, so grab your supplies and get cooking.

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Best Practices for Earning Money With Google AdSense

Now that you’re ready to start earning AdSense revenue, let’s discuss some best practices for ad monetization in the platform.

While AdSense has plenty of restrictions, there are still things you have control over. Here’s what we’re talking about —

  • Introduce ads slowly: Just like you wouldn’t completely change the recipe to your famous pastrami on rye out of nowhere, you shouldn’t dramatically alter the experience your visitors expect from your site. Introduce ads incrementally, so you don’t shock your visitors and turn them off of your content completely.
  • Limit ad clutter: Any good chef knows that too many conflicting flavors on a plate can ruin a dining experience. Ad clutter is no different — If you want to make sure ad clutter doesn’t destroy your users’ experience and your ad viewability, take the time to read through some best practices for avoiding it.
  • Understand your users: Learning more about your traffic can help you increase the value of your inventory. A sandwich chef might make a great chicken club, but if they don’t recognize that 20% of the people in their neighborhood are vegetarian, they’re missing an opportunity to increase their revenue by adding menu items that meet the needs and wants of their target customers.

Beyond AdSense: How to Level Up Your Ad Revenue

There’s so much more to this world than just PB & J. Is it delicious? Sure. Affordable? Yes. Easy to make? You betcha. But you’ll need to think bigger if you want to succeed.

We know the world of ad monetization is complicated. There are so many techniques, tools, and ingredients to consider. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

That’s why more and more partners are opting to work with an ad monetization partner like Playwire. We’ve got organic meats, fresh produce, and artisanal cheeses. We know all the tricks of the trade. We’ll even wash the dishes.

Ready to turn up the heat on your ad revenue strategy? We’re prepared to help. Reach out to us online to get started.

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