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At one time, ad networks occupied an essential position in the digital publishing world. They acted as intermediaries between publishers and advertisers and prevented publishers from having to sit down and negotiate every single digital advertising buy, playing a key role in the ad tech ecosystem

They still do that, but as programmatic advertising has come into vogue, the importance of ad networks has begun to fade. But like an old pair of jeans, a little fading hasn’t diminished ad networks’ importance to the many publishers who still feel that they fit them just right.

In other words, ad networks are still here. And they vary in quality. To help you understand which ad network may be the right fit for you in 2022, the Playwire team has compiled a list of the best ad networks in the world today. Read on to learn more.

Ad networks are often an all-in-one advertising solution for publishers. You know what’s also an all-in-one solution that comes with a lot more revenue potential and a lot less work? Playwire. Contact us to learn more.

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About Ad Networks

What is an Ad Network?

In a digital media landscape that is now dominated by programmatic advertising, ad networks serve as an alternative. They skip over the demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) and allow advertisers to purchase inventory directly and upload their ad creative inside the network.

There is no open auction, which means that the yield from ad networks is a lot more predictable and often not quite as high. Still, while many ad networks fell out of favor with publishers during the rise of programmatic, those that specialized in particular types of advertising continued to thrive. 

Top 10 Ad Networks for Publishers

There are tons of ad networks, but only a few truly rise to the top. Here are 10 of the best ad networks around today:

1. AdUp Technology

AdUp Technology specializes in native ads. With its handy ad creation tools, publishers can quickly design ad units and layouts that are perfectly customized and compatible with just about any device.

2. AdRoll

Specializing in ecommerce brands, AdRoll does a lot of marketing-related tasks for brands that want to sell more products. On the publisher side, AdRoll does one thing really well: connect you with advertisers hungry for targeted impressions that are primed to turn into sales.

3. Adsterra

With no minimum traffic requirements and a wide variety of ad formats to choose from, Adsterra is a solid ad network for publishers who want to monetize their traffic but haven’t quite reached multiple thousands of visitors per month.

4. Dianomi

If you’re a publisher in the finance or fintech space, Dianomi may be a great ad network to try out. The network specializes in direct-sold native ad campaigns for financial advertisers.

5. Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Server does cross-channel business advertising, and unlike many ad networks, it brings programmatic buying and selling tools into the mix. While this ad network can be a strong choice for many publishers, its services like white label ad servers and DSPs cater heavily to agencies. 

6. GroundTruth

GroundTruth’s area of focus is on location-based ads. For some publishers, this specialization may be a great fit for their audiences and revenue goals. The platform also offers self-serve ad campaigns.

7. Infolinks

The ad network Infolinks specializes in contextual ad targeting to help advertisers reach the right eyeballs. However, the platform also offers exclusive placements across more than 25,000 publishers.

8. Media.net

Capitalizing on Yahoo! Bing’s wide contextual reach, Media.net connects publishers with local and national advertisers all over the place. The network also offers native and display ad formats and has no minimum traffic requirements.

9. Plista

Plista goes heavy on data to lead the way in native advertising. Publishers who use this ad network will integrate a content recommendation field that drives impressions for targeted content and native ads.

10. PopAds

Pop-under ad networks sometimes get a bad reputation, but PopAds is known for being one of the high-quality options in this space. The network offers several other advantages to publishers, such as immediate payments on request, no minimum traffic requirements and easy control of minimum bids for pop-under ads.

Want to Work with the Best Ad Networks? Work with Playwire

Publishers need to work with the best when they’re trying to grow their advertising revenue. So, it follows that you would want to work with the best ad networks if you’re considering that route instead of programmatic advertising. 

But really, it boils down to what is going to give you the highest revenue. While ad networks can provide steady and significant revenue for some publishers, there’s no reason to skip programmatic options in 2022 — especially when partners like Playwire are there to do it all for you and constantly focus on how to drive your revenue higher.

If you want the best, you’ve found it. Contact Playwire online.

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